For every 3% of Life na-ru-to loses, he gains a 1% Spell power nguồn bonus, up lớn 25%.

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50 Mana

Cooldown: 9.7s

Single Click: naruto summons a shadow clone to dash toward the selected direction & cast Big Ball Rasengan. The shadow clone will push enemies forward, dealing 85 spell damage khổng lồ nearby enemies at the end of the dash.

Double Click: naruto dashes toward the selected direction và casts Big Ball Rasengan. Naruto will push enemies forward, dealing 85 spell damage to lớn nearby enemies at the end of the dash.

Sage Fox Mode: This skill giao dịch 25% more damage và Stuns the enemies for 1s.

Whenever an enemy hero is killed within 3s after taking damage from Naruto, resets the Big Ball Rasengan"s cooldown.

Kurama Coat

60 Mana

Cooldown: 15.0s

Passive: For every ally nearby, gains 4 Armor and Spell Resistance. Active: Creats a Tailed Beast Coat that lasts 3.5s. During this period, whenever na-ru-to takes damage, he is healed for 25. This effect is triggered when the Coat is summoned và then up to once every 0.5s.

Sage Fox Mode: naruto also creates Tailed Beast Coats for nearby allies.


30 Mana

Cooldown: 5.3s

Creates a Rasengan. Naruto"s next basic attack has a 75 additional range, deals 60 spell damage, and Silences & Slows the target by 30% for 0.5s.

Sage Fox Mode: giao dịch the Rasengan damage twice và Silences and Slows the target by 60% for second. Rasengan Barrage will replace Naturo"s current Rasengan.

After naruto casts Rasengan or Rasengan Barrage, this skill enters a 1-second cooldown.

Sage Fox Mode

100 Mana

Cooldown: 79.2s

Naruto enters the Sage Fox Mode for 10s, gaining a 30% bonus in Attack Speed và 30% Movement Speed. His basic attacks have a 50 additional range and khuyễn mãi giảm giá additional spell damage. In addition, his next skill is enhanced (once for each skill).

Sage Fox Mode: naruto throws the Sage Art: Rasenshuriken at the target direction. The shuriken turns into a vortex for 2s that pulls nearby enemies towards its center and đơn hàng 24 spell damage every 0.2s.


Monkey D. Luffy
Gomu Gomu no Mi

Passive Skill

Reduces the damage taken from enemy hero"s ranged Basic Attack by 15%, but takes 6% more damage from enemy hero"s melee Basic Attack.

Kenbunshoku Haki (Lv.6): 12% chance of dodging Basic Attacks.

Busoshoku Haki (Lv.11): Increase Attack by 40 and Armor by 35.

pHaoshoku Haki (Lv.16): Proactively enter into battle will Fear enemy soldiers và creeps for 1.5s & Stun enemy heroes for 0.75s within range.
Gomu Gomu no Gatling

No cost

10.6s cooldown

Deals 7 physical damage to enemy units within a rectangle in front at a frequency of 1 hit/0.2s for 2s. Each hit adds 1 stack of mark to lớn the target, reducing the Movement speed by 3% for 2s. Max 10 stacks.

Increases Movement speed by 20% while skill lasts and activates Gomu Gomu no Bazooka.

Gomu Gomu no Ono

No cost

12.3s cooldown

Use Rubber War Axe to khuyễn mãi giảm giá 60 physical damage to lớn surrounding enemies, knocking them away và reducing their Movement speed by 30% for 3s.

Gomu Gomu no Rocket

No cost

17.6s cooldown

Forcefully pulling all heroes in the path to charge.

Gear 2/Gear 3/Gear 4

No cost

79.2s cooldown

Activate Gear 2 lớn increase Movement tốc độ by 20% & Attack speed by 30% for 20s.

Remove Haki when the skill ends.


Kirigaya Kazuto

Passive Skill

Kirito hides his true strength. His stats và gear are hidden from other players.

Kirito moves 10% faster when not spotted by any enemies. This effect is suspended for 3s when he takes damage. If Kirito"s Life is below + in this status, restores + Life each second.

Sonic Blast

No cost

Cooldown: 11.4s

Strikes the target và knocks back all the enemies in the path, dealing 30 physical damage khổng lồ them. If any knocked back enemy collides into terrain, they take additional 60 physical damage and are Stunned for 1.25.

Demonic Sword

No cost

Cooldown: 5.3s

Deals 70 physical damage lớn enemies in a cone-shaped area và reduces their Movement speed by 30% for 1s. In addition, gains a 20% Attack bonus for 3s.

Quadra Slash

No cost

Cooldown: 12.3s

Shoots out four energy waves at for directions, each dealing 40 physical damage to lớn the first unit hit and grants vision of the target for 5s, otherwise leaving a shadow that lasts 3s. You can recast this skill multiple times within 5s to lớn blink lớn a marked enemy and giảm giá khuyến mãi 40 physical damage, or blink to a shadow.

Sutābāsuto Sutorīmu

No cost

Cooldown: 92.4s

Strikes the target hero over 16 hits, every second strike đơn hàng 20 true damage khổng lồ all nearby enemies và increases Kirito"s Damage Reduction by 30% for 1s. While channeling this skill, Kirito is Invulnerable và cannot use active items.


Altria Pendragon

Passive Skill

When Life falls below 25%, restore 25% of Life within 5s và reduce all damage taken by 40%. Cooldown is 150s.

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Perishing Star Chop

20 Mana

Cooldown: 7.9s

1st Strike: Charge at the target position, dealing 85 physical damage khổng lồ enemies; 2nd Strike: giảm giá 85 physical damage to enemies in the frontal 90 degree range và knock them back.

Invisible Air

60 Mana

Cooldown: 10.6s

Passive Effect: Increase Attack speed by 20%. Each Basic Attack đơn hàng additional Armor-ignoring physical damage equal to lớn the Attack speed difference between you & target (not valid if the target"s Attack speed is higher than your own).

Active Effect: Challenge the enemy hero, Taunt the target for 1-1.5 seconds if target"s Life percentage is higher than your own (the higher the Life percentage difference between yourself and the target the longer the Taunt lasts, reaching 1.5s when the Life percentage difference reaches 50%), & both you and the target take một nửa less damage from sources other than the opponent. Otherwise, the target"s Movement tốc độ is reduced by 30% for 4s.

Strike Air

40 Mana

Cooldown: 4.4s

Passive Effect: Every 4 Basic Attacks will trigger a Strike Air with only half the damage.

Active Effect: giảm giá 35 spell damage và reduce their Attack tốc độ by 20% for 3s.


100 Mana

Cooldown: 96.8s

After 1s of charge, giảm giá 30 spell damage khổng lồ enemies in a line ahead every 0.1s and Slow them by 1/2 for 1.5s; giảm giá spell damage to hitted building equal khổng lồ 1%> of the building"s Max Life, if the building" Life is below 15% the damage type changes to lớn True Damage (Arena only). Total damage: 450


Kamado Tanjirou
Opening Thread

Passive Skill

Opening Thread: Tanjirou will see the Opening Thread when he senses the smell of the gap in the battle. Tanjirou"s attack và skill cause 108% (maximum increase of 32%) critical hit damage when cutting along the Opening Thread direction, & recover an additional 20 energy in 0.5 seconds. After the Opening Thread is triggered, a new Opening Thread will be refreshed after 3 seconds.

Breath of water: Ten moves of Tanjirou"s breath of living water have brand-new skills in three different states of ground, flowing dance & air.

● When on the ground, restore 10 energy per second.

● During the flowing dance, the energy cannot be naturally restored.

● When in the air, recover 20 energy per second. During this period, you can"t attack & immune control, & reduce the cooling time of other skills by 1.3 seconds when using skills.

First Form: Water Surface Slash

0/0/0 Energy

Cooldown: 5.3/0.9/5.3s

When on the ground: Casts First Form: Water Surface Slash. Releases a powerful slash that deals 15 physical damage and briefly knocks up the target. While casting this skill, you can cast Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow lớn adjust the skill area.

During Flowing Dance: Ends the Flowing Dance & casts Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust. Thrusts forward, dealing 10 physical damage, briefly knocking up the target, & blocking all enemy projectiles. While casting this skill, you can cast Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow to khuyễn mãi giảm giá enemies in the area và block enemy projectiles.

When in the air: Casts Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin. Unleashes a downward slash that đơn hàng 20 physical damage to lớn nearby enemies & briefly knocks them up, & then ends the airborne status. If this skill hits an enemy in the central area, it triggers Opening Thread.

Third Form: Flowing Dance

Cooldown: 7.0/3.5/19.4s

When on the ground: Casts Third Form: Flowing Dance. Increases Movement tốc độ by 20% và Attack speed by 30% for 4s. Tanjiro gains a huge Movement tốc độ bonus when moving towards an enemy hero and đơn hàng physical damage (this attack is considered a basic attack & won"t trigger a critical hit). This effect can only be triggered once every several seconds against the same enemy hero, scaling down with Tanjiro"s Attack Speed.

During Flowing Dance: Casts Second Form: Lateral Water Wheel. Tanjiro gains a huge Movement speed bonus & slashes nearby enemies, dealing 15 physical damage. This skill resets the cooldown of Flowing Dance. When Tanjiro is in a river, this skill is replaced by Sixth Form: Whirlpool, Flow.

Tanjiro creates a vortex & slashes nearby enemies. He gains a huge Movement tốc độ bonus và slashes nearby enemies, dealing trăng tròn physical damage. During the first 0.75s, he absorbs 35% of damage taken, and the last hit đơn hàng additional damage equal to the damage absorbed. This skill resets the cooldown of Flowing Dance.

When in the air: Casts Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought. Tanjiro slowly lands behind the target (Tanjiro is airborne while landing). If the target stays in Tanjiro"s attack range, giao dịch 60 physical damage. This skill đơn hàng 1% more damage for every 1% of the target"s lost Life. After that, summons a blessed rain that restores 80 Life over 5s. If this skill kills the target, restores 200 Life.


When on the ground: Casts Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow. Briefly dashes forward. If Tanjiro is blocked by an enemy hero, turret or terrain, he leaps into the mid air for 1 & vaults over the obstacle if the obstacle is shorter than 200% of this skill"s range.

During Flowing Dance: Ends Flowing Dance and casts Second Form: Water Wheel. Tanjiro spins & slashes enemies in his front & behind, dealing 50 physical damage and reducing their Movement tốc độ by 35% for 2s. After that, Tanjiro leaps in the air for 1s.

When in the air: Casts Fourth Form: Striking Tide. Dashes forward và slashes enemies in a circular area, dealing 50 physical damage. If this skill hits an enemy hero, Tanjiro gains 15% Attack for 4s. This skill resets Tanjiro"s airborne status duration.

0 Energy

Cooldown: 114.4s

Tenth Form: Constant Flux. Tanjiro fully restores Energy và then dashes forward, dealing 90 physical damage. After that, Tenjiro enters the Dash Mode:

● Tanjiro constantly dashes forward, dealing 30 physical damage (this attack is considered a basic attack & won"t trigger a critical hit).

● Tanjiro takes 15% less damage from frontal attacks, and debuffs on him last 75% shorter.

● Tanjiro stops generating Energy and loses 50 Energy per second.

● Unlocks the second strike: Constant Flux Final. Tanjiro"s basic attacks are replaced by Constant Flux Spin.

● Tanjiro gains 10 full bộ Points each second, & hitting an enemy generates 10 bộ combo Points (hitting a secondary hero generates 3). Each full bộ Point enables Constant Flux to khuyến mãi 1% more damage, và when Tanjiro has 100 combo Points, his ultimate skill Constant Flux Final is replaced by Hinokami Kagura.

Constant Flux Spin: Spins và slashes enemies in all directions. Tanjiro takes less damage from attacks from all directions.

Constant Flux Final: Dashes forward and đơn hàng 90 physical damage.

Hinokami Kagura Dance: Dashes towards the selected enemy, dealing 60 physical damage (this attacks is considered a basic attack). After that, suppresses the target for 1.2s và strikes enemies in a circular area, dealing 180 physical damage. This skill always triggers Opening Thread. During this skill, Tanjiro is immune to lớn most of skills và control effects, và gains 70% Damage Reduction và 40% Armor Penetration.

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