Internet tải về Manager (IDM), despite having been released over trăng tròn years ago and kept insisting on a classic look for its interface, still manage to become the favorite choice for downloading massive files from the internet. & it’s no surprise that Tonec, the developer behind the software ensures it will work on modern browsers, such as Google Chrome.

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You may copy và paste a tải về link manually from the browser to IDM to lớn get it scraped & downloaded. But, that sounds tedious to vì chưng it frequently. That’s why the IDM Integration Module extension comes lớn help.

The extension will scan nội dung within a website và see if it can be downloaded. If so, users will be given an option to lớn quickly tải về the file with a single click.

And here’s how to địa chỉ cửa hàng IDM to lớn Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers).

1. First, launch Internet tải về Manager and go khổng lồ Options.


6. Right-click on it & select Manage extensions.

7. Toggle the Allow in Incognito option. This will ensure the extension would work under the Incognito window.

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8. Finally, visit a trang web (like YouTube or Vimeo) & see if the IDM’s tải về button appears.

9. Additionally, you can disable/enable the feature on a specific website by clicking on the extension icon.

What if the download button did not appear?

Judging by the number of negative reviews on its page, the extension doesn’t always work smoothly as intended. Sometimes, for some reason, the supposed download button refuses lớn show & it’s hard to pinpoint what caused the problem. But there are several fixes you could try.

Be sure the IDM settings did not block the integration.Remove and then reinstall the extension.Updating Google Chrome may help fix the issue.Reload the page or restart the browser.

However, if the download button did not appear only on a specific website, there is a good chance that the trang web was blocking the IDM features. In this case, there is hardly anything you can do, IDM was simply not “powerful” enough to overcome the code that preventing it from working.


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