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Aliens Drive sầu Me Crazy MOD APK is a funny action game on mobile platforms from the developer Rebel Twins. Your main task is smashing snipers to lớn destroy the aliens, in a very dễ thương và gentle way.

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Table of contentsAliens Drive Me Crazy: Destroy everything to kick aliens out of EarthMOD APK version of Aliens Drive sầu Me Crazy

Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeRequiresMOD Features
Aliens Drive Me Crazy
Rebel Twins
3.1.5 (build 33)
Android 4.4
Unlimited Money

Aliens Drive Me Crazy: Destroy everything to lớn kiông chồng aliens out of Earth

Alien theme game, but very cute visuals

Aliens Drive sầu Me Crazy has a weird idea. It is about the human world in the future constantly being attacked by alien ships. You play the role of a chubby anh hùng, angry at the illegal intruders of the earth. He gets into his oto, takes a weapon, and attacks buildings occupied by aliens, rescuing innocent people.


Roughly, the story is quite simple. But, what surprised me is how the game approached the player. Unobtrusive sầu, the 3 chiều graphics aren’t for depicting the creepy aliens or UFOs we often see in alien-themed games. Instead, sophisticated graphic techniques và sophisticated color schemes have sầu created extremely entertaining, animated characters. Through the pictures in the article, you can see the game’s witty và fun thiết kế.

I feel like getting lost in the children world, not a bloodshed fight at all. That is why the topic of aliens becomes relieved as a joke. And it can be immediately determined that this is a very addictive sầu game, because of its witty contradiction.

chơi Game is lượt thích a joke, but it’s addictive sầu every minute

I want to emphaform size that Aliens Drive Me Crazy is not an endless running game. To better understvà the gameplay, let’s see how it started và go on.

In the first scenes, our anh hùng takes a challenge as easily as picking up things from a pocket. Players only have khổng lồ collect money, tăng cấp themselves và collect as many “hearts” as possible. The anh hùng also has a nice oto. You swipe up to lớn jump upwards, và swipe down to jump downstairs, khổng lồ dodge alien attacks.


But this pleasant time is not much. You are constantly facing a series of new enemies. You know that. Aliens have a lot of modern công nghệ. They have a metal dinosaur, UFO, spaceship, lasers … The buildings also have complex architecture, with lots of pitfalls. The enemy is outnumbered, the smarter. Just one mistake, you can pay your life.

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Where you go & smash, you will feel more và more excited when you see the crumbling floors, messy furniture. You even shoot a spaceship that explodes, blazing the screen.

Not to lớn mention the coins & hearts just kept getting more & more. These accumulated items will help you unlock many other cool things along the way such as upgrading weapons, changing cars, changing costumes … So, you should actively smash everything khổng lồ find coins. At the end of each building, you will encounter more enemies & they are taking some hostage. At the end of each scene, you need to successfully rescue the hostage, then find the bomb lớn destroy the building.

The mission system is tough, but also very humane

According khổng lồ the system rules, after 10 scenes, you will face a boss. At this point you usually have quite a heavy weapon in hand, but ammunition is extremely scarce. So, there is a high chance that you thảm bại & die, literally. But luông xã is that this game has a “reborn” mode. That means if you die somewhere, you will revive right there instead of playing again at the beginning.


Aliens Drive Me Crazy also randomizes levels và scenes. That means even if you play again from the beginning, you will also see everything is new và mixed, without much overlap. This arrangement technique is an addictive sầu element in the game, although the story itself & the character’s journey are not too outstanding.

Good music, making the game interesting and dramatic

There is one more factor you must acknowledge with me: the music of the game is very good. In the game, shooting, house smashing, building exploding scenes always comes with moderate sound effects, illustration sound honest and catchy.

MOD APK version of Aliens Drive sầu Me Crazy

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have sầu a lot of money.

Download Aliens Drive Me Crazy MOD APK for Android

The game looks like it is intended for children but can be addictive sầu for any adult. You will have sầu wonderful relaxing moments with your di động phone. Download Aliens Drive Me Crazy MOD APK now via the liên kết below khổng lồ protect the Earth.

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