Imobie Anytrans For Cloud, Imobie Anytrans Is Ready To Manage Multi


Cloud drive like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc. Change the way we store the data, we can upload data from any device lượt thích the phone, tablet or computer, and we can access the data anytime if the mạng internet connection is available. At the same time, we can nội dung files with friends easily. All these features provide convenience for us lớn manage our files. However, there’s one inconvenience that may bother you, it’s kind of difficult to lớn manage various cloud drives.

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The good news is that AnyTrans for Cloud finally comes out. It can help you easily manage all kinds of cloud drives in an easy way. Just one account to access and manage all the clouds in one place. Provides both the desktop app và web app.

What AnyTrans for Cloud Can vày For You

Cloud Manager

AnyTrans for Cloud integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive and also other major cloud services, which lets you easily access various cloud drives & also different accounts of the same service. You can drag & drop, upload and download, delete files, và rename the files/folders.

Cloud Transfer

Cloud to Cloud Transfer – AnyTrans for Cloud lets you transfer files from one cloud drive khổng lồ another one quickly, no matter you want to move the whole nội dung or just a piece of the picture, only one simple click is needed. Supports offline transmission, you vì chưng not have to wait for the transfer when transfer completed, an e-mail will send to you khổng lồ tell you that the transfer has finished.

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Transfer between Cloud & Computer – AnyTrans for Cloud also allows you to lớn transfer data between cloud & computer. You can drag và drop the files, which is quite simple. It will use maximum internet bandwidth to lớn guarantee transfer speed.

Cloud Share

AnyTrans for game ios also enables you to chia sẻ files with others, which is easy, flexible và secure. You can giới thiệu the files in various ways as per your needs: via the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, a links or the email. To protect your files, you can phối the password, the valid time, and also lets you revoke the share link if you want to.

Try AnyTrans for Cloud

Easily access all cloud drives, quickly transfer files between cloud services, safely nội dung cloud files. All those functions are available in AnyTrans for Cloud, click here to start a new way to manage your cloud drives.

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