How to remove icloud activation lock without password


Apple activation loông chồng is a feature designed to lớn keep your information safe in the event your iPhone or ipad is lost or stolen. If someone besides you gets hold of your device, the activation loông chồng máy tính bảng ipad and iPhone have built in ensure your hardware is useless to lớn whomever has it.

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A positive sầu side effect is this has helped to curb theft of iOS and iPadOS devices. The iPad tablet activation lochồng is especially useful as more people are using their tablets as computers & housing more data on device và in the cloud.

Still, there are times you may want khổng lồ know how lớn get around activation lochồng on Máy tính bảng iPad & how lớn get past activation lock on iPhone. Maybe you forgot your activation lochồng credentials, or the screen is not responsive sầu. Most often, a phone is sold or gifted, but the original owner forgets lớn disassociate it size their iCloud account. Whatever your needs may be, we’ll walk you through how lớn bypass activation lock on máy tính bảng ipad & iPhone.

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What is activation lock?

Plainly put, activation lock is a feature Apple designed to lochồng a device in the sự kiện it’s lost or stolen. With activation lock enabled, you can loông xã a device remotely via iCloud.

Activation lock keeps iPads & iPhones secure, và tracks your device lớn help improve sầu your chances of recovering it. If someone has your device và it registers on a known WiFi network, Apple can traông xã its whereabouts.

In the most drastic scenartiện ích ios, activation lochồng allows you to erase all data remotely, all but guaranteeing whoever has your iPhone or ipad will never see your pictures, read your messages, or see any documents you have sầu saved to iCloud.

Activation loông xã is also available on the Apple Watch (watchOS 2 or later) & Mac (T2 security chip devices only).

How khổng lồ bypass the activation loông xã on iPhone or iPad

For an iPhone or Máy tính bảng iPad activation loông chồng bypass, you’ll need a few important bits of data:

The user’s Apple ID gmail & password. If you want to lớn know how lớn bypass activation lock on iPhone or ipad tablet, it’s often as simple as logging into the device. That said, you have to lớn have the credentials of the person whom the device is registered to.The user’s four- or six-digit loông chồng screen code. If a device isn’t erased, you may see the passcode screen, rather than the activation lochồng screen.


Enter their Apple ID password again

Select “Turn Off” at the top right of the screen


Choose “Remove sầu from account”

If you’re the owner of the device you’re selling or giving away, there may be precious documents stored on the device you would no longer have sầu access khổng lồ once it’s erased. Important data and captured memories – lost forever. Instead of relying on iCloud lớn baông chồng your info up, choose Dropmô tả.

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Dropshare for iOS is a quiông xã và simple tệp tin sharing protocol that connects to lớn popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Dropnội dung also has its own cloud service if you’d rather not link it to lớn an existing cloud service.

With Dropnội dung on your iPhone, uploading photos và files is a snap. Simply open the phầm mềm, select the “plus” icon at the bottom of the screen, select the tệp tin you want lớn upload khổng lồ the cloud via Dropcốt truyện, & select “Upload.” It’s really that simple! The Dropchia sẻ app even lets you access the last picture taken, or the camera directly, for even faster uploading & sharing of images.


Ask Apple to bypass the activation lock

This one is fairly tricky, as it’s at the discretion of an Apple employee khổng lồ help you bypass activation lock on an iPhone or ipad. For this, you’ll need the following:

Proof of purchase. The original receipt with the date, time, serial number, & purchaser’s name is what you’re looking for.

Proof you now own the device. An email, iMessage, or other documentation from the original owner is helpful. Similarly, if you purchased the device from an online marketplace, being able to show you purchased it legally may help your case. In either scenario, be sure you can verify the full details of the device, like its serial number.

Keep in mind all of this information can technically be spoofed, so don’t expect an Apple Store employee khổng lồ help you. Even if you’re legitimately trying lớn get a device activated via honest means, Apple Store staff are unlikely to help you.

Bonus tip: speed up your iOS device

Gemini for iOS focuses on finding duplicate và lượt thích images on your device & in your iCloud storage khổng lồ help you quickly & easily reduce the amount of storage space your unwanted images take up. Over time, you take screenshots or snap burst photos, using what you need and ignoring what’s left. Gemini finds those unnecessary files, và offers you the ability lớn bulk delete them from your device. It’s the smardemo app for those who need to delete tons of images before selling or gifting an iPhone.


With AdGuard enabled on your iPhone, you get straight to the content while ignoring all the fussiness of the modern website. Trackers, ads, popups, and banners all vanish!

More importantly, AdGuard helps protect your personal data from prying eyes with its robust spyware filter that instantly identifies threats. It’s the perfect accompaniment for Safari on your iPhone, especially if you’re using the website for services that just don’t have sầu native apps available.


Activation lock for iOS & iPadOS is security feature you should consider deeply before trying to bypass. Failing too often on a single device can loông xã it for good, which is the worst case scenario. Your best bet is to lớn follow the appropriate steps lớn remive a device from iCloud before selling or gifting it – or ensuring those steps have been done if someone is selling or giving a device to you.

Whether you’re sending or receiving the iPhone or iPad in question, you’ll love sầu using Gemini, AdGuard, và Dropgiới thiệu on your devices. They keep your iCloud storage thin, browsing safe, & tệp tin transfer a breeze.

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When the trial period ends, continued access to lớn Setphầm mềm is only $9.99 per month. It’s an incredible giảm giá for access lớn so many sensational apps and services, so why wait? Give sầu Settiện ích a try now!

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