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hãng asus has a strong gaming notebook available in its array called VX7, Its looks have been inspired by the Italian noble car manufacturer Lamborghini. Find out in this reviews why the sprout from its own G53 couldn"t really convince us despite strong components.
"A new style of speed"

In addition to lớn the aggressive design, the high price will likely be one of the first things about the VX7 that hit the potential buyer. Asus demands a steep 2000 euros for its 15 inch gaming notebook - that is about 500 euros more than a comparably configured alternative of its more basic brother, G53. The enormous price can"t just only be due to lớn the components, anyway. Although hãng asus installs strong, high-end hardware, there are equally fast notebooks already found for a bit more than 1000 euros (for example, see the Medion Erazer X6813). Hãng asus is likely reckoning on finding enough solvent customers with the "Lamborghini" effect.

But that"s enough speculation. Let"s rather have a quick look at the most important configuration features. Currently, there are only two VX7 models available that also have exactly the same components. First, the orange VX-SZ083V and then the VX7-SZ062V that we have in for review. Unsurprisingly, hãng asus has opted for a lightning fast quad bộ vi xử lý core processor from Intel. The chip core i7-2630QM is very popular among máy tính xách tay manufacturers at the moment. Meanwhile, Nvidia"s DirectX 11 capable, but no longer quite new, GeForce GTX 460M is used as the graphics card (the predecessor of theGTX 560M, which has been released in the meantime).

Unfortunately, the user has khổng lồ live without a modern SSD hard disk. Hãng asus installs two HDDs with 750 GBs each. Speaking of big: The manufacturer has grossly exaggerated in terms of main memory. A 16 GB DDR3 RAM will likely first start lớn get necessary in a few years. In return, the choice for the optical drive is praiseworthy. A BluRay player (burns CDs & DVDs) perfectly fits khổng lồ the glossy Full HD display (1920x1080). The operating system is - how could it be otherwise - the 64 bit version of Windows 7 trang chủ Premium.

High-gloss overkill

Asus has come up with quite a few ideas in terms of the VX7"s design. The streamlined, black case has been inspired by Lamborghini"s Gallardo and Lamborghini"s Murciélago, according lớn the manufacturer. You especially notice the visible likeness khổng lồ the super sports oto when looking at the rear. The vents are emblazoned with imitation taillights placed above them. Small details, such as the "Start Engine" labeled power button, the Lamborghini hình ảnh sản phẩm on the dipslay lid or the engine roar during the startup (can be disabled in the BIOS), show that asus has very well ventured into the subject thoroughly.

The notebook can"t quite meet the claim of luxury in terms of materials. Thus, the wrist-rest is covered with fine leather, but the other surfaces are made only of simple plastic. Aluminum surfaces, as we"ve come to expect from Alienware notebooks, would have greatly increased the unique impression. If you put value on a clean device, you will likely be deterred by the sensitive high-gloss finish, as well. Keyboard (area), notebook lid and display bezel smudge very fast. Fingerprints are all over within a very short time. The workmanship also leaves room for complaint. For one thing, our kiểm tra device"s hinge squeaked and for another, the keyboard wasn"t perfectly fitted and partly protruded slightly.

On the other hand, there isn"t anything to lớn complain about in regard lớn stability. The base unit could neither be visibly bent on the đứng top nor on the bottom. Merely the lid proved khổng lồ be fairly unstable. Finally, the hinges vì a perfect job. The base unit doesn"t lift when the lid is opened. Beyond that, surface vibrations don"t provoke violent shaking of the screen.

USB 3.0 performance
Considering that the VX7 is a genuine gaming notebook, the connectivity is rather disappointing. You look for an ExpressCard slot just as much in vain as for a Firewire or eSATA port. Solely one USB 3.0 port is also a bit scanty in the high-end sector. It could have been two 3.0 ports for a price of 2000 euros.

To địa chỉ insult to injury, the existing interfaces are organized very unfavorably. Most connections are placed so far front that the use of a mouse is linked lớn major restrictions. The lateral elbowroom suffers considerably.


In contrast, hãng asus does nothing wrong in terms of communication. The VX7 has a RJ45 Gigabit LAN port and supports WLAN b/g/n và Bluetooth 3.0 thanks khổng lồ the wireless module.

Left: Optical drive, 2 USB 2.0s
Right: 2 audios, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, VGA, LAN, DC-in
A lot of bloatware


Asus show no mercy in software installation. The máy tính almost bursts with bloatware - nearly 70 programs rampage on our thử nghiệm device. The VX7 responds accordingly slow especially after the system start. The user should take a bit of time & rid the system of superfluous ballast. The mạng internet usually clarifies if a program is important or not.

Scope of Delivery

Your eyes will likely beam when you have the VX7"s packaging in front of you. Hãng asus delivers its 15 incher in a classy, stable & matt đen box. The notebook is enveloped in a soft textile cover - greetings from Alienware (see the M11x R3 among others). Hãng asus additionally adds a fat 8 cell battery & a voluminous 150 watt power adapter. The bundle is finished off with a few information booklets & a driver và tool DVD.

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Asus grants customers a warranty period of two years. The warranty only applies for one year on the battery.



The keyboard makes a rather mixed impression. The successful layout, the presence of a dedicated number pad & the chiclet thiết kế (separated keys) would be mentioned on the pro side. On đứng top of that, the VX7 can be used even in total darkness without problems thanks to the trắng illumination.

However, the spongy typing feel is on the con side, just lượt thích the fairly unclear pressure point và stroke. The somewhat cheap sounding typing noise joins in on that. Meanwhile, a key kích thước of 14x14 millimeters is acceptable.


To bestow the touchpad with a high-gloss surface is - khổng lồ put it mildly - a suboptimal decision, in our opinion. The fingers actually stick on the touchpad & the gliding traits are quite bad.

Otherwise, the well-sized touchpad of 70x43 millimeters can be disabled và shows a good performance. Most inputs are implemented precisely và reliably, no matter if the horizontal or vertical scroll bars or the various gestures are used. Multi-touch support is another bonus point.

The 15.6 inch glare dispaly has an LED backlit display, an aspect ratio of 16:9 và a Full HD resolution. 1920x1080 pixels are slowly but surely becoming standard in the gaming field. Nvidia"s GeForce GTX 460M is strong enough for Full HD in most games. If required, the resolution has lớn be reduced a bit.

Distribution of brightness
Maximum: 254cd/m² (Nits) Average: 231.4cd/m²Brightness Distribution:85 %Center on Battery: 227cd/m²Contrast: 164:1 (Black: 1.38cd/m²)60.09%AdobeRGB1998 (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)86.37%sRGB (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)58.08%DisplayP3 (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)

You would actually expect an outstanding display in a 2000 triệu euro laptop. But far from it: asus gives the VX7 an ordinary, run of the mill screen that can"t reach a reference level in any way. The đen value is quite high with 1.38 cd/m2. Dark areas clearly produce a gray cast - saturated black looks different.

The contrast of 164:1 is also not worth mentioning. Good screens easily pass the mark of 500:1 (see the Schenker XMG P501 PRO, for example). On the other hand, the luminosity (average: 231.4 cd/m2) và illumination (85%) don"t need to lớn hide. Subjectively, the display is acceptable in terms of colors. As usual, it"s just enough for the sRGB color spectrum.

Asus VX7 vs. SRGB (grid)
Asus VX7 vs. Táo macbook pro 17 (grid)
Asus VX7 vs. AdobeRGB (grid)

The VX7 is hardly suitable for outdoor use due lớn its glossy surface. Unsightly reflections turn up frequently outdoors & strain the eyes extremely. You aren"t protected against reflections indoors, either. More often than not, dimming the room and/or relocating are the only help.


As expected, the vertical viewing angles are pretty narrow. The image falsifies quickly especially when looking up from a lower corner. Although the viewing angles are better on the horizontal plane, the screen has lớn occasionally be readjusted. Overall, the inferior screen (AU Optronics B156HW01 V5) costs many points. The picture chất lượng stays far behind the high-end claim. Asus should urgently make improvements here lớn justify the steep retail price.

Viewing angles: asus VX7-SZ062V


Turbo Boost

Processor: Intel chip core i7-2630QM

Asus treats the VX7 to lớn a quad core processor from Intel"s latest Sandy Bridge generation so that the graphics card isn"t slowed down in games. The core i7-2630QM normally runs with 2.00 GHz, but can be overclocked to 2.90 GHz when need be thanks to lớn the Turbo Boost function. Beyond that, a few applications benefit from the Hyper Threading công nghệ which simulates a virtual core to every physical core.

Six MB of L3 cache & 995 million transistors are further guarantees for excellent performance. By the way, the graphics chip called HD Graphics 3000 isn"t enabled. Asus only relies on the dedicated Nvidia GPU. As all other Sandy Bridge CPUs, the vi xử lý core i7-2630QM is manufactured in a state of the art 32 nm process. The thermal design power is 45 watts (35 watts in the "normal" dual cores).

CPU Performance

The CPU performance can be compared best with Cinebench R10 64 bit. The i7-2630QM easily surpasses its dual core relatives in multi core rendering. The currently fastest mobile dual core, Intel"s i7-2620M (Dell Vostro 3550), places itself behind the i7-2630QM by a whole 32% (16665 points). Contrarily, the i7-2630QM falls behind in single chip core rendering. 4583 to 5446 points are a disadvantage of 16%. One thing is clear anyway: The future definitely belongs lớn the quad cores. An increasing number of games appreciate a third or fourth processor core.

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