Now With Text Parsing!

Naver Bot can now automatically detect text on your screen, and use it for triggers & actions. In order lớn use this feature, you will need to lớn buy text-parsing credits. You can get them below!

Our Latest Bot Releases

Naver Bot offers undetected bots for the latest games. With features lượt thích farming, looting, PvP and much more, you can be sure you’ll have everything you need to lớn start auto-piloting games.

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Our MMORPG bots allow you to vày a lot of things on auto pilot such as farming, looting, PvP, PvE, fishing and even finish quests. Each bot has different features since all games allow different things to be automated. Browse each specific trò chơi bot khổng lồ see more detailed features.

Exact px Match

Our MMORPG bots has perfect pixel matching to target the right enemies và items. Often times, bots can go haywire when they target the wrong pixels. This is not an issue with our macro bots.

Naver Bot can also be configured to check if there is a màu sắc or color range change at any static px location on your game world. It will scan the entire game, & when it is either detected or not, it will respond according to lớn what you have configured it to lớn do. If it finds it, an automated mouse key will be pressed.

This aspect of the tool makes it particularly reliable when playing MMORPGs. In combat situations, this aspect makes it perform as well as it should. It will also assist in accepting notifications automatically from your Windows store games. It also contributes significantly khổng lồ initiating automatic reloads in FPS games.

Custom Configuration

Need custom configurations such as way paths và quests? This is a feature we’ve made available in most of our bots, and it works great.

Perfect Area Scan

Navers MMORPG macro bots has it’s own area pixel scanner. This is a feature that MMORPG gamers love since it can automate fishing, looting and much more.

Unlimited Possibilites

Naver Bot aims to lớn give every game thủ an open world of unlimited possibilities. Our automation tool is designed to mở cửa up your gaming experience and add even more features to make every session one to remember. We have done this by allowing you lớn make unlimited configurations that will bring out the best in hundreds of Windows games.

One of the genres we have devoted a huge portion of our resources is MMORPGs. There are some of the best & player favorite games in the world. They allow you to form your path và make personal decisions that will affect your gameplay. With this, the games offer a wider canvas for automation.

You can configure the Naver Bot software to automatically perform certain combos while in combat that will drain your enemy’s life faster. You can even configure it to lớn take on game bosses when you reach those levels. With this, nothing is holding you back from rising to lớn the đứng đầu of the game. If you play clicker games, you can also configure the software to click continually for as long as you’d like.

If a mouse or a keystroke controls a function, you are sure it can be automated.

Hands-On Features

Although Naver Bot software will automate most of the activities in the game, some will require that you manually press your keys or mouse. To help around this, you can configure some hotkeys khổng lồ help you navigate through multiple activities & when you encounter much in-game notification.

You can configure the hotkeys lớn turn automation on and off when needed. It will also execute some functions in the game, especially when playing MMORPGs. It is very reliable và will save you a lot of time that you would have had to spend handling everything independently.

Priority on Safety

At Naver Bot, safety is one of our primary considerations. Our software will work independently from the game và will not alter any aspect of it. It will not interfere with its CPU process, game files, and anything else related. Its work is automation, and that is what it does. This ensures you are always safe as you use our software, & you never have to lớn worry about getting banned or hacked.

The automation software will mask itself well even from the most strict developers, allowing you to continue enjoying its benefits. Naver Bot is guaranteed khổng lồ give you a very pleasant gaming experience.

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What We’re About

Many games are lacking good automation bots, which is something we want lớn change. We started creating our macro bots in năm 2016 for the most popular MMORPG games.

Naver Bot now offer one bot that can automate ANY trò chơi on the market. That’s right, you can now get one bot khổng lồ automate any game you want. Our macro bot comes with all with extensive features, light weight software and great bot support.

About the software

Naver Bot is one of the best providers of automation tools and tự động hóa clickers. With the help of our tools, you can automate virtually any aspect of your gaming experience. We have hundreds of tools, all of which are designed to lớn work on different games.

Naver Bot has a tool for any windows, iOS, Android, Browser & PS4 game, which makes it accessible khổng lồ virtually all gamers on all platforms. Our automation tools will work on a range of game genres. These include FPS, RPG, MMORPG, Shooter, và many others. You can also automate your browser games thanks lớn our tools. You are thus assured of the best and most reliable performance.

At Naver Bot, we have a team of dedicated developers who are always working on making these tools perfect. We have included many functionalities that will capture every aspect of the game, allowing you lớn easily automate them. When creating these automation tools, our developers have made them very simple to navigate.

We have highlighted all the important features & settings, making it very easy lớn use for gamers. If you are a beginner at this process, you don’t have to lớn worry. The user interface is one of the best, and we have used simple language to make it convenient for anyone using the automation tool.

Why Choose Naver Bot?


One of the reasons many gamers prefer using Naver Bot is our reliability & convenience. We have made our automation tool accessible lớn everyone owing to the simplicity & convenient location on our website. The automation tool is also miễn phí to download, ensuring you won’t have khổng lồ spend more money after buying the game.

No scripts or coding needed

Another impressive aspect of our automation tool is that you won’t have to lớn write any scripts khổng lồ use it. It is already well scripted & configured, và all you need to vì chưng is run it on your device & select the different aspects of the trò chơi you would like to be automated.

No Third tiệc ngọt Software

You also won’t have to use any third-party software. Our software is well suited to work well on its own. With all these aspects & the process simplified, it will take you only minutes lớn have the software running on your device. Once it is running, you will easily find your way around everything.

Easy to lớn use

Our interactive interface will guide you through the entire process. It is well highlighted, và the different features are classified well. All you have to vị now is look at all the features it has khổng lồ offer và select those you’d like it to do for you.

Once you have configured the different functions and keys you want the software khổng lồ work on, you are all set, & you can leave it khổng lồ carry on with the game. For a beginner, it can be quite challenging lớn understand how everything works. Here is a simple guide on this.

Once you are done making the configurations, all you have to vì is press start, và the Naver Bot software will carry on with the game.


Once the software is running, it will closely monitor all the aspects of the game. When an activity that is meant to trigger the software happens, it will respond accordingly. For instance, when you activate the freeze timer feature on the automation tool, this happens.

When the trò chơi timer runs out, the software will immediately identify it và freeze the time or địa chỉ more time to lớn it. The software will also identify any color range or color changes at a variable or static px in any location on the game and respond lớn this per the configuration.


We want to lớn make the most accurate, affordable and powerful macro bots for the latest big trò chơi titles.
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