Beat the boss 4 mod apk v1


Download Beat the quái vật 4 android – latest version – to lớn extract creative và hilarious revenge on your boss khủng for all the years of tyranny and pointless meetings.

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There are a variety of ways that you can beat the trùm cuối – with more than 130 weapons to lớn choose from & some hilariously creative situations to lớn put the tyrant in, you’ll be having a right laugh all the way through the game. Be careful, though, it can be hard to look at your monster afterwards without slipping a smile or a giggle.

Nothing to thảm bại but your chains

Rise up, disgruntled employees! Take out your phones và revolt! The time has come to drop a blue whale on your boss’s head. Attack him with pine cones, shoot him with a plasma rifle, zap his clothes off, throw staplers & pencils at him – the kết thúc is nigh!

There are more than 130 fun và ingenious ways to lớn beat the 180 bosses into submission và extract revenge for all the times that he’s ridiculed you và made you work overtime. Turn up the heat & take out your bitterness on him in a flurry of vengeful acts that will bring you sweet, sweet joy – and not get you arrested in real life…


Fed up with Dave from HR? Imagine it’s him! Die Dave, die! There is no stopping the beautiful revenge of the disgruntled admin staff!

Tips for playing Beat the quái dị 4

No matter what trò chơi it is that you’re playing, it always helps not to go in blind. Having a few good tricks up your sleeve will help you to lớn beat the trò chơi in the best fashion. So, before running into the game, read through these đứng đầu tips on how lớn BEAT THE BOSS!

Throw pencils at the bastard. Some bosses will have a protective shield around them that you’ll need to break in order lớn harm them. The reason for this is that they’re actually lizard people. What’s the best way khổng lồ break through the shield in the early stages of the game? Simple. Throw pencils at him (obviously, they should have tried that in the Independence Day movies). This will weaken the shield without giving away your hand and will help you lớn deliver the final blow without having to worry about the shield sucking up too much of the damage.


Upgrade your weapons ASAP. It’s all well and good having a nice selection of weapons to deal damage to the boss, but it makes a lot more sense to lớn simply upgrade a smaller selection khổng lồ ensure that you can dish out the maximum amount of damage and beat the quái nhân quicker. Make sure to lớn use your coins khổng lồ upgrade your weapons as soon as possible. A weapon that has been upgraded three times is a lot more valuable than three weapons that haven’t been upgraded at all. Remember this, comrade.

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Be crafty with weapons. We don’t mean sharing jokes with them, we mean literally craft them. Not all of the game’s 130 weapons can be purchased within the game – some will require you khổng lồ find the necessary parts & then build them yourself. Bosses will drop these special materials when you beat them, so make sure that you’re always picking them up at the kết thúc of the màn chơi to make new weapons with.

Don’t waste your money on hearts. It can be tempting to buy hearts with in-game currency – don’t vị this. Instead, just defeat bosses và you’ll earn more hearts, which will allow you to lớn play on for longer after you’ve been defeated. It’ll be much more important lớn spend those coins on upgrading your weapons so that you can defeat the more difficult bosses as you progress into the later stages of the game.


Watch ads to lớn get không lấy phí diamonds. Diamonds are the game’s premium currency – much lượt thích every game android game that has a miễn phí version, you’ll be denied diamonds unless you pay real money, or watch ads. You can simply press the không tính tiền Diamonds button in the Play Store khổng lồ watch ads and earn diamonds in the game. These can then be used to access special weapons, upgrades, and boosts. Use them wisely, as no one wants khổng lồ watch too many ads!

Beat the boss 4 APK

Want to lớn be able to lớn buy everything in the game? Simply download the for unlimited in-game money and diamonds to lớn spend on all the weapons, upgrades, và custom skins that you want! Enjoy!

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