Unable To Boot From Usb On Sony Vaio

This is the first time I encounter this issue. I can"t boot from USB drive on a Sony Vaio PCG-21313M. I mix the external device as first choice & enabled it. Also I tested the usb (Windows 7) on other laptops and it boots fine. The computer doesn"t boot properly not even in safe mode.

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I have sầu experiences similar issue, then I found Boot mode setting in BIOS. It was phối on UEFI and I changed it to lớn Legacy and it works!Hope it will help you.



If your drive sầu is bootable then follow this step.

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Go khổng lồ btiện ích ios by pressing "F2" on power on, lớn enter btiện ích ios.On boot priority section enable "external boot".Set "external" as first priority and "internal hdd" as last. by pressing "F5/F6"

I am sure it will work, Make sure "internal hdd" is at last priority, because if it is not sometime it did not boot from "eternal" although it is set as first priority. unknown result.

If it did not work possibly you may problem with your external drive sầu or data(boot-sector).


I tried using an ubuntu usb with no success. Then I tried using nolapic feature of ubuntu & it finally booted as a virtual machine, without installing. It let me backup my hdd. Hope this solution might help someone.

Go khổng lồ the BIOS & change your boot location (Removable Disk) and Disable your Hard Drive. When finish your Windows 7 installation, return lớn the BIOS and Enable your Hard drive.

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