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One of the 2 classes added in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, the Assassin is a cunning melee/caster hybrid who strikes from the shadows with all manners of mystical techniques.

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This page will go over the basics of the Assassin class, và also direct you to our Assassin builds in Diablo 2.

Assassin Builds

We are currently offering the following Assassin builds:

Blade Fury Assassin (Bladesin) BuildDragon Tail Assassin BuildDragon Talon Assassin (Kicksin) BuildPhoenix Strike Assassin BuildLightning/Death Sentry Assassin (Trapsin) BuildWhirlwind Assassin (Whirlwindsin) Build

To cấp độ up as fast as possible, please refer to lớn our Assassin Fastest Leveling Build.

What Is an Assassin?

Dual wielding her iconic claws, the Assassin ambushes her enemies with deadly grace before quickly retreating lớn the shadows. As a master of elemental, psychic, & physical attacks both in melee & from afar, her versatility is unmatched.

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The Martial Arts tree lets the Assassin slice & dice her enemies with powerful physical and elemental charge-up skills, which grow in nguồn with each subsequent hits. Dragon-type skills, which are special attacks that unleash said charges, are also featured in this tree.

The Shadow Disciplines is an occult tree that provides the Assassin with varied tools ranging from simple buffs lớn mental attacks for crowd control lớn summoning dark clones of herself.

The Traps tree allows the Assassin khổng lồ lay various elemental traps that dispatch enemies independently.

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What Is the Best Assassin Build?

The Trapsin, an Assassin specialising in traps (typically, Lightning Sentry)is widely considered one of the best Assassin builds due to its good phối ofsafety, area of effect, and damage output.

Is the Assassin a Good Class for Beginners?

The aforementioned Trapsin build is an excellent build for beginners due to its simplicity, inherent safety, and relative unreliance on gear. Melee Assassin builds are significantly more difficult to play & require good gear lớn perform well, making them less appropriate for newer players.

What Is the Best Assassin Item?

This depends entirely on your build of choice. Trapsins may be interested in any claw that includes bonus skill levels khổng lồ their trap of choice. Bartuc’s Cut Throat is a popular choice for melee Assassins due khổng lồ its availability, high damage, faster hit recovery, life leech, và primary attributes.

Which Diablo 3 Class Is Most Similar khổng lồ the Diablo 2 Assassin?

Players familiar with the Monk in Diablo 3 will find them similar lớn melee Assassins. Trapsins have a playstyle that is closer to that of Demon Hunters, although the comparison is not perfect. The Rogue announced in Diablo 4 is likely to draw inspiration from the Assassin for its melee-oriented builds.

Which World of Warcraft Class Is Most Similar to lớn the Diablo 2 Assassin?

The Rogue. The full bộ point & finisher mechanics in World of Warcraft are likely the spiritual successor khổng lồ the skills featured in the Martial Arts tree of the Assassin.


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