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Introduced numerous improvements khổng lồ the game engine that will allow for further introduction of modern functionalityAdded final version of the new Rampage battle mode for high-tier vehiclesAdded new Berlin bản đồ to Rampage modeProving Ground mode: Bots will fight against new players in entry-cấp độ battlesChanged principle of how spotted enemy vehicles are displayed. Before, vehicles were displayed within a 1000x1000m area around the player"s vehicle. Now, this is replaced by a circle with a 564m radius. The total spotting area was left unchanged and equals ~1 sq. kmChanged interface for purchase và application of Camouflage, Inscriptions, & EmblemsAdded the ability to earn Credits, Experience, and Free Experience in Special Battles mode


Added to lớn Premium Shop: Skoda T 40, tier VI Czechoslovakian medium tankReworked 28 vehicles in HD quality:KV-2đôi mươi (renamed to lớn KV-220-2), KV-1, 212A, IS-8 (renamed to Т-10)Marder 38T, Sturmpanzer I Bison, G.Pz.Mk.VI (e), Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A., Wespe, VK 20.01 (D), Pz.Kpfw. II, Grille, Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J, Tiger II, Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f), 8,8cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger, Jagdpanther IIT2 Medium Tank, M2 Мedium tank, M3 Stuart, M7, T34AMX 12 t, AMX AC mle. 46Vickers Medium Mk.III, Matilda, Loyd Gun Carriage, CovenanterMade the following replacements in the U.S. tank destroyer and artillery Tech Trees:Rebalanced T82 tier III tank destroyer. Now this vehicle is a tier IV artilleryReplaced T82 tier III tank destroyer w/ the T56 GMC tier III tank destroyerRebalanced T18 tier II tank destroyer. Now this vehicle is a tier III artilleryReplaced T18 tier II tank destroyer w/ the T3 HMC tier II tank destroyerReplaced T57 tier II artillery w/ the new T1 HMCReplaced FV4202 U.K. tier X medium tank with the new Centurion Action X. Also completely rebalanced the FV4202.

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It is now a Premium tier VIII medium tankReplaced top (2nd) turret of the Caernarvon U.K. heavy tank with the turret of the Centurion kích hoạt XReplaced standard (1st) turret of the Conqueror U.K. heavy tank with the turret ofChanged the scale & color of desert and summer clan CamouflageFixed some issues with the visual models of some vehicles

Rebalanced the following vehicles:

Covenanter: chance of fire for the Meadows D.A.V. O.C. engine decreased from 40 to lớn đôi mươi percentSlope angles for the upper glacis plate of the FV4005 and FV4004 (based on the Centurion) tank destroyers reduced to 57 degreesMaus: increased the armor protection of some sections of the gun mantletLöwe: increased the armor protection of the gun mantletT23E3: increased penetration of both standard và Premium shells: from 128 khổng lồ 149mm, và 177 lớn 190mm respectively8,8centimet Pak 43 Jagdtiger: top forward tốc độ increased from 28 lớn 38 km/hJagdpanther, Ferdin&, Jagdpanther II: shell flight tốc độ for the 10,5centimet Pak L/52 gun changed from 805/1006/805 m/s khổng lồ 950/1188/950 m/s. Now, shell flight speeds for the 10,5cm Kw.K. L/52 & 10,5cm Pak L/52 guns are equalE 50 Ausf. M: shell flight speed for the 10,5cm Kw.K. L/52 Ausf. K gun changed from 1478/1173/1173 m/s to 1500/1200/1200 m/s. Now, shell flight speeds for the 10,5centimet Kw.K. L/52 Ausf. B and 10,5cm Kw.K. L/52 Ausf. K guns are equalТ-62А: fixed the issues with armor protection of the lower part of the vehicle"s sidesKV-220:Increased the engine power from 650 to lớn 850 h.p. Slightly decreased crossing capacity to lớn balance this changeIncreased the armor protection of the upper glacis plate from 100 to 120mmT-54 first prototype:Dispersion of the 100milimet D-10T-K gun decreased from 0.38 lớn 0.36 mReload time of the 100milimet D-10T-K gun decreased from 8.1 to 8 sAiming time of the 100milimet D-10T-K gun decreased from 2.6 khổng lồ 2.4 s

Maps và Objects

Removed "South Coast" map from Random battle modeDeleted resources of the Hidden Village and Province maps from the game clientAdded extra special effects to lớn a number of mapsFixed issues with the visual and damage models of some environmental objects

Graphics và System

Improved unique of TSAA full-screen anti-aliasingOptimized performance of the game client on some PC configurationsImproved loading speed for both the game client and mapsFixed some issues in the new mechanism of shadow display for the improved graphics presetOptimized performance of some special effects


Reworked aiming system to minimize the discrepancy between shot trajectories on client and VPS sidesFixed twitching of the reticle in Sniper Ayên ổn when moving along the lower boundary of a gun"s depression angleAdded Clan profile, a new interface that contains detailed information about ClansAdded voice notifications khổng lồ the functionality of Dynamic PlatoonsFixed issue with the disabling of the team chat after you have fought several battlesFixed some issues with the conditions of Personal MissionsFixed minor issues with interface

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