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Original story (from June 19) follows:

Hãng Asus has reportedly released the stable ZenFone 5 Android 10 update. The official announcement post is still nowhere lớn be seen and there is little from actual users that have sầu received the update.

The ZenFone 5 started testing for Android 10 in early April 20trăng tròn. As usual, the beta version comes without the bloatware that usually accompanies ZenUI-based firmware.

Hãng Asus followed the initial release with another AOSPhường firmware in mid-May. As expected, this version didn’t bring many changes lớn the first release. The update, which arrived as firmware version 17.0615.2003.22, was mainly meant to lớn fix bugs and improve sầu performance.

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ZenFone 5 Android 10 update

In fresh developments, we are now being tipped that Asus has started rolling out the stable version of Android 10 khổng lồ the ZenFone 5. Our tipster has provided us with a download liên kết as well as the changelog of the update, which carries firmware version 17.0615.2005.25.

1. Upgrade to lớn Android 102. Improved System Stability3. Updated APN List4. Fixed Quickstep launcher issue5. Updated Google security Patch khổng lồ May 20206. Fixed Speaker Cracked Sound Issue7. Video stabilization Added to the camera app



Apparently, the update also brings the May 2020 security patch alongside a fix for the annoying crackling speaker sound bug. The update also adds video clip stabilization capabilities lớn the stock camera phầm mềm.

One interesting bit is that the provided links suggests the new Android 10 update for the ZenFone 5 is still AOSP version. Essentially, this should mean the firmware is still in beta – the third installation khổng lồ be precise.

However, our tipster claims that going forward, the ZenFone 5 will only run on the AOSP-based version of Android and not ZenUI.



This is highly debatable, of course, so we wait và see what Asus has khổng lồ say on this matter. The download liên kết for the updated ZenFone 5 firmware is right below.

Device: Hãng Asus ZenFone 5Channel: Global StableVersion: 17.0615.2005.25Android: 10Type: Recovery

Update 1 (June 23)

It turns out the update is yet another beta build that has been pushed to lớn the ZenFone 5 devices. The OEM has updated the device’s bgame ios và firmware page khổng lồ reflect the same. Here’s the complete changelog:

1.Updated Android security patch2.Changed system lớn vanilla Android 103.Supported Google Play System update4.Changed to SnapDragon Camera, Google Contacts, Google Clock, OEM FM Radio5.Supported Android 10 Dark Theme6.Added “Suggested actions and replies “in notifications’ advanced setting7.UI thiết kế changed to Android 108.Changed lớn Android 10 Wi-Fi QR code sharing / scanning feature9.Changed khổng lồ Android 10 notch design10.Added Adaptive brightness, Adaptive Batter, Digital Wellbeing in Settings11.Fixed the issue where microphone is not working while ‘OK Google’ is active sầu.12.Fixed OIS-functionality in Camera not working as expected13.Corrected translations for certain parts in the Camera settings14.Fixed the issue where the screen could unintentionally turns on15.Fixed payment by NFC SIM card not working issue16.Fixed widevine without L1 issue17.Ajusted notification vibration effect

Thanks for the info Umnag!

Update 2 (June 24)

The same version is coming as the June update with a slightly different changelog. Head here for the complete coverage.

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