Cara G Mcilroy – model, host, mum & universally loved Instagrammer – has a pretty picture-perfect life, & 65,000 people on Instagram agree. But anyone who’s had to listen to a screaming baby on a plane knows that being a mum doesn’t come easy, so when Cara took her family khổng lồ Koh Samui for a recent holiday, we had to lớn ask her: how does she manage with two little ones, and another one on the way? Turns out the answer is plenty of pool time, copious snacks, and enlisting lots of help.

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How was it travelling in Samui with kids?

It was actually really wonderful, it’s a super easy flight from Hong Kong, so it’s a pretty good holiday destination that’s not too far, but still really different. It’s a great place to lớn travel with kids & we really had an amazing time there. There’s lots to vị with kids – we went khổng lồ an elephant sanctuary, và we had lots of time in the villa và lots of swimming. The food’s great for kids, so we loved it.

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What vì you always have sầu khổng lồ pack when travelling with India and Freija?

It would definitely be swimsuits; they love swimming and being outside in the pool, so if we’re going anywhere that’s remotely warm or that has a pool, we have sầu to have sầu swimsuits. Sunscreen, because you’re out in the sun. Bugspray, too. And of course their little teddy bears. India has a little rabbit called Bun Bun, and Freija has an elephant called Ellie.

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Cara, her family và the beautiful pool at Baan Asan

Do you have any other tips for mums travelling with little ones?

Pachồng lots of stuff for entertainment on the plane. We always carry colouring books, playdough, bubbles, pencils – as much entertainment as possible, và loads of snacks! Once you get khổng lồ the villa or khách sạn, I think it’s really important khổng lồ have sầu something familiar to them. So I have sầu a little blanket or their teddy bear or something like that. We bởi vì try our best to lớn keep khổng lồ a similar bedtime routine, but that also helps to make the kids not cranky during the day. I also brought pool toys và everything!


 Did the kids get homesick? How did they like the villas?

No, our kids didn’t really get homesiông chồng at all. I think they were just really excited to be with mummy & daddy 24/7. Because you know, we work a lot in Hong Kong, so they were just happy lớn be with us every day. And obviously their bedtime wasn’t as strict and they got a lot more ice cream & candy than they usually did, so they were loving life. Our girls especially love sầu hotels và villas; they get really excited when we say we’re gonna stay in a villa or hotel. They get really pumped, và they choose out their bed và where they’re gonmãng cầu sleep & yeah, they love sầu it.

What family-friendly activities in Samui would recommover khổng lồ other mums?

Samui Elephant Sanctuary. Do make sure that it is the right one because I’m very against elephant rides or shows or anything where the elephants are not just being elephants. This park is a new one, it’s a sanctuary for retired elephants that have sầu been working in the trekking industry or the logging industry. Basically, you just visit these elephants. You can get up-cthua thảm và personal with them, you can feed them, but you cannot ride them, they don’t do any shows. And you learn about their history, which I think is important for children, khổng lồ understvà why you shouldn’t be riding them, why you should be treating them with respect. It’s just beautiful lớn see these elephants finally be able khổng lồ relax and enjoy life và not have sầu lớn work for tourists anymore.

Cara và her family stayed in Baan Asan & Baan Chang while they were in Samui. 

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