Cherry Mx Clear Rgb Switches : A Complete Color Guide And Chart


For a first time mechanical keyboard buyer, sorting through all the different Cherry MX choices can cause be a little overwhelming and headache-inducing, but we’re here to help.

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The purpose of this guide is lớn cut through all of the confusion và help you pick out the perfect Cherry MX option whether it be for typing, gaming, programming, or anything under the sun.

We’ll go over all the different Cherry MX colors along with a deeper dive into the nitty gritty details.


The Quick Guide to lớn Cherry MX

Here’s a quick overview of all the common switch colors & what they mean.

MX RedSmooth with light resistance. No bump & relatively quiet.Gaming
MX BlackSmooth with heavy resistance. No bump & relatively quiet.Gaming
MX BrownBumpy with medium resistance. Moderate sound level.Typing/Gaming
MX ClearBumpy with heavy resistance. Moderate sound level.Typing/Gaming
MX BlueA clicky and bumpy with medium resistance. Very loud.Typing/Gaming
MX GreenA clicky and bumpy with heavy resistance. Very loud.Typing/Gaming

We’ll vì chưng a deeper dive into each Cherry MX choice and give our recommendations on their usage.

We’ll include sound tests and pictures of each choice.

Different Actuation Types

Switches can be broken down into three main actuation types: linear, clicky, và tactile. Here is a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of what they mean:

Linear: Smooth và consistent keystroke with a quiet noise.Tactile: A small bump on each keystroke with a moderate noise.Clicky: A small bump on each keystroke with a loud click noise

We’ll go over the Cherry MXs in each category và explain the differences.

Cherry MX Clicky Switches

Cherry MX blue vs Green vs White

Ah yes, clickys, the bane of my existence.

I have been stuck working next to lớn a person using clickys in the past and I still hear the click clacks in my nightmares to lớn this day.

Jokes aside, clickys are a viable option for those who like a keyboard that is LOUD. These make a clicking noise on every keystroke and give you that extra auditory feedback to lớn let you know everything is working a-okay.

Clickys are perfect for strictly trang chủ usage. Trust me, vị not be that guy that brings them khổng lồ the office & annoys everybody to no kết thúc (looking at you KEVIN).

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Although I will be forever turned off lớn them, they are a good option if you want lớn keep your family up at night và want the neighbors to lớn hate you. (I can’t write section without saying bad things about clicky switches)

In all honesty, Cherry MX does not have the best clicky options due khổng lồ their click jacket design, instead I would recommend the clicky Kailh BOX instead. You can read more about clickys here.

Due to their easy availability however, Cherry MX Blues are a great option in a pinch.

Cherry MX Blue


Type: ClickyFeel/Sound: Bumpy & LoudActuation Force: 60gBottom-Out Force: 60gActuation Distance: 2mmTravel Distance: 4mm

Cherry MX Blues are the hallmark clicky option. On every keystroke they make a click noise & then tỷ lệ thoát right back ready for some more clicking. You’ll experience a pronounced tactile bump as well. These are perfect for those who like to game/type in a confined space with nobody else around.

Some gamers find the Blues lớn have a distracting và inconsistent feeling when button-mashing, so if you’re playing super competitive games, I wouldn’t recommend them.

Cherry MX Blues have an actuation force of 60g and a bottom-out force of 60g, which is ideal for someone with normal typing habits. The total travel distance is 4mm while the actuation distance is the normal 2mm.

Cherry MX Green


Type: ClickyFeel/Sound: Bumpy & LoudActuation Force: 80gBottom-Out Force: 90gActuation Distance: 2mmTravel Distance: 4mm
Another clicky pick is the Cherry MX Green, also perfect for annoying everybody with. The Greens are significantly heavier than the Blues & much less common khổng lồ find.

The Cherry MX Greens have a similar click noise khổng lồ the Blues but with a more pronounced bump và heavier feel overall. Great for those with lead fingers who bottom out the lighter springs.

The MX Greens have an actuation force of 80g và a bottom out force of 90g. Definitely not a good pick for those who type lightly. The total travel distance of the MX Greens is 4mm with an actuation distance of 2mm.

Cherry MX White


Type: ClickyFeel/Sound: Bumpy và Moderately LoudActuation Force: 80gBottom-Out Force: 90gActuation Distance: 2mmTravel Distance: 4mm
Cherry MX Whitess are very similar to Greens and are much less common. They are very difficult khổng lồ find & in my opinion sound very strange. Whites sound like a muzzled Green và feel almost tactile. A very strange experience overall.

There isn’t much good information out there about the actuation và bottom-out forces, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s the similar khổng lồ the MX Greens. So, about an 80g actuation force và 90g bottom out.

The travel distance & actuation distance are the same as any other Cherry MX option with a 2mm actuation & 4mm total travel.

Linear Cherry MX Switches


Linears are buttery smooth & offer a consistent & even keystroke. These options have no bump, which makes them perfect for those who want smooth typing experience.

Linears are typically regarded as the best for gaming due to lớn the consistency when entering multiple keystrokes in a short period of time (AKA button mashing).

You can also use linears for typing, but if you’re not used to lớn this style of switch you may experience “bottoming out”, where you press the key too hard và slam your fingers down. But after a while, you’ll adjust khổng lồ the different feel.

In my experience, I have found the Cherry MX linears lớn be overrated and slightly overpriced. I find the Gateron linears to lớn be much smoother and cost efficient, plus they have more options available. But to lớn each their own.

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