Following the game’s early access period back in January, PlayPark is launching Club Audition sản phẩm điện thoại in the Philippines today. Lớn celebrate the game’s launch, PlayPark gathers a lineup of VIP guests lớn play the game, including rapper Matthaois, TikTok stars Kuya Ching, Stephen Benihagan, Junell Dominic, Carla Zara, Cedric, Kurt Bautista, và many more.

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In case you’re unfamiliar, Club Audition thiết bị di động is based on the Audition Online PC trò chơi by T3 Entertainment, a game that was played (and loved) by Pinoys back in the day. While Club Audition thiết bị di động sticks close to lớn the original game, it features a more optimized look for mobile, letting players enjoy the game on-the-go.

Club Auditions Mobile’s features include (via PlayPark):

Addictive & Exciting Gameplay – Select your preferred room, song, difficulty, at ready na khổng lồ dance battle with your friends.Be a Fashionista – Choose from a wide range of outfits lớn express your style.Meeting The Dream Partner – Team up with partners for a more exciting game play experience.Build The Ultimate FAM – Build squads (aka FAMS) và challenge others in a camp battle to lớn earn exclusive rights, special access to exclusive items, and more.Compete in Real-Time BattlesDance Battle – With a maximum of 6 players, challenge everyone in the room và choose a song. Make sure to aim for the highest score!Couple Dance – Challenge other couples in the trò chơi or team up with a partner after hitting 5 Perfects!Bubble Pang – Follow the Bubbles! Track and click the random bubbles on the screen.

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Club Dance – Here’s a 2v2 special mode. Find your match và become a couple after the game.Battle Party – How will 4 Players vs an NPC fare? Bring out the best in your team khổng lồ beat the NPC.FAM Battle tiệc nhỏ Club – Pit 4 guild members vs the NPC. Receive big rewards after defeating the NPC.Classic – The ultimate challenge khổng lồ win and become the best Club Audition player.Beat up – Match the beat và click the buttons once it reaches the middle.



Interested in getting Club Audition Mobile? Here are the game’s system requirements:


RAM: 3 GBInstallation tệp tin size: 2GBInternal storage available: 2 GBProcessor: Quad CoreOS: app android 8 and above

iOS users

Device: Iphone 6 và aboveVersion: tiện ích ios 10

Club Audition mobile is available now on the phầm mềm Store và the Google Play Store. For more info on the game, visit:

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