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Huge tín đồ of this set, i just love everything about it. The pink is sooo cute, love the panties with the panty ties & ruffles, và the mesh fabric it"s absolutely adorable.

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Very pretty nurse cosplay. Love the spaghetti straps & the red trim, really lượt thích the graphic designs the medic logos are a nice touch & the mesh skirt is adorable.


Quality feels actually really fine for the price,it’s soft . The top and the garments fit well và the đứng top is adjustable well the garments are stretchy và soft which are good.Anyways the thong fits really well,I can’t like put it on as normally since I have balls but even then my ass looks good và the front is decent even though it’s like exposed but still good-if your a girl it will be covered unless your not slim or skinny framed.



Although you definitely can tell this bra set quality is cheap while feeling it, while wearing it it looks great. Very flattering & cute, would recommend.


Love the pink velvet leopard print with the faux fur, and how the top connects in the back. The bottoms are adorable, love the panty ties and how it connects with the O-ring. Very pretty set & a great price.

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I love the graphic kiến thiết for this lingerie mix it"s adorable. Love the cut for this set, specifically the bottoms very cute.

Really lượt thích this panty set, the lace polyester fabric is adorable và the ribbon is just too cute. I just love this set, specifically the little ribbon on the panties.

Very đáng yêu bodysuit, love the nylon polyester fabric. Really like the satin bow và the keyhole is cut perfectly, it"s just the right amount of revealing. Absolutely love the ruffled bottoms và how it all connects together.

Very dễ thương cosplay, happy I checked the website & they got this outfit in stock. Will certainly be ordering additional packages.

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