How to fix “couldn't mount file” error


When you try to open an ISO tệp tin in Windows 8, you would expect Windows lớn open it because Windows 8 has built-in virtual drive software and you don’t have lớn use a software like DAEMON Tools.

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I had lớn format my hard drive sầu because Windows 10 got really slow so I decided lớn give sầu it a shot và reinstall Windows 8 using recovery. While I was trying lớn install SolidWorks with an ISO tệp tin I got this error. The problem may be a real pain in the neck but the solution is way too easy & works perfectly every single time.

You might think I am joking but I am not, this is the exact solution and that will make you say “WTF?!?”. I have sầu no idea what causes this problem and how solution works under the hood but it solves our problem and that’s what we care for now.

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This Is The Error Message I Got


Copy The ISO File


Paste Somewhere Else

I pasted on desktop & it worked perfectly.




Windows Hacked… ISO Files Saved… Yessss…..

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