Creative outlier one headphones review


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The Creative Outlier One Headphones allow you khổng lồ work out with awesome sound quality.

Sound Quality

The Creative Outlier One have suprisingly strong bass, but to achieve the best bass response, you’ll want to lớn make sure that these are pressed firmly into your ear. This creates a seal that helps isolate your music from the outside world. When seated tightly in my ear, I found the mids & highs to be crisp và clear và the bass to lớn be strong.

However, if the Creative Outlier One headphones start lớn work themselves loose because of high activity và sweat, the bass response can become weaker. For the best sound, you may find the Outliet Ones better khổng lồ wear while lifting weights at the thể hình or while sitting at your desk working. They tend lớn become loose during running, but you can still hear your music as the wing tips & shirt collar clip help keep the earbuds from falling out completely.


The Creative Outlier One headphones are similar in design lớn the Jaybird X3 bluetooth không dây earbuds. Each earbud has a “wing tip” attachment that helps khổng lồ hold the earbud in your ear. In addition, a shirt collar clip is located on the wire khổng lồ help secure the remote

The inline remote is located a small distance down the wire from the right earbud. The remote contains three buttons:

Play/Pause: Tap it khổng lồ play or pause your music. Hold it down to power the earbuds on và off. Tapping it also answers an incoming phone call.Up: Tap it lớn increase the volume. Hold it down to lớn skip to lớn the next track.Down: Tap it lớn decrease the volume. Hold it down lớn rewind the current track.The remote also contains the microphone khổng lồ use with phone calls. The remote is somewhat larger than what you would find on wired hãng apple EarPods, but the included shirt video clip helps alleviate the added weight. This prevents the weight of the remote from tugging on the right earbud.

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I found the Creative Outlier One khổng lồ be very comfortable khổng lồ wear. The ear-tips & wings are very soft and conform khổng lồ my ear well. I really appreciate the shirt video clip as it helps to lớn prevent the cord from sticking to my neck and, in turn, prevents tugging on the earbuds when I turn my head.


In addition khổng lồ playing music, the Creative Outlier One can be used lớn answer phone calls, although the noise cancellation thiết kế on the earbuds can make it sound like you’re talking underwater. Unfortunately, you’re not able to access Siri or the Google Assistant on the Creative Outlier One.

The Creative Outlier One are rated IPX4 to lớn be sweat resistant. You’ll want to make sure that the charging port is securely covered by the attached flap khổng lồ prevent moisture from entering the unit.

Battery Life

The Creative Outlier One can last up khổng lồ 9.5 hours on a single charge. They are recharged with a standard Micro USB cable which is included, but an AC wall adapter is not included in the package (you’re phone charger will likely work). The charging port is located on the inline remote under the rubber flap. You’ll want khổng lồ make sure that this flap is closed prior to lớn working out to lớn prevent sweat from entering the unit.


The Creative Outlier One provide surprisingly strong bass performance & are comfortable khổng lồ wear for working out. The included wing tips help hold them securely in your ear while running, but you may find that you need lớn occasionally press them in. The inline remote is somewhat large, but the included collar video helps prevent it from tugging on the right earbud. With up lớn 9.5 hours of playback time on a single charge, they"re also a great option for listening to lớn music throughout your work day.

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