Walking On Stilts (Di Ca Kheo) is the traditional folk game of Vietnamese people. The inhabitants of some coastal regions use stilts when they go fishing at flood tide. They are caller stilts walkers.

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Type of Walking on Stilts

There are three sizes of stilts: small, average, big. The latter can have supports for the feet 3 or 4 meters above sầu the ground. At village festivals, the people using stilts in the procession wear a turban tied on the forehead và another tied so as lớn make three bows. They perkhung difficult movements while walking. Sometimes, a clown dressed as a goddess, wearing a 4-5 meters long skirt provides added fun.


Walking on stilts – Stilt Walkers

How lớn Walk on Wooden Stilts

The most important thing about walking on stilts is the practice to master the wooden stilts. Many people take months, some can not even use stilts because they are too high, it is difficult khổng lồ balance. Therefore, many people consider walking on stilts an art, needs dexterity, rhythm, & strength.

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Where khổng lồ See & Try Walking on Stilts

Walking on Stilts can be seen in many big festivals in Vietphái mạnh. You can also see it at the villages of fishermen along the Vietnamese shoreline.



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