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An SRT tệp tin is just a text file, not a clip or audio file. You can't convert SRT lớn MP4 or any other multimedia format like that, no matter what you read elsewhere!

Still Can't mở cửa the File?

If you can't open your file in the ways described above, double-check the file extension. Some files use a similar extension, even if the formats aren't at all related.

How to lớn Create an SRT file

You can build your own SRT tệp tin using any text editor, so long as you keep the format correct & save it with the .SRT tệp tin extension. However, an easier way to build your own SRT file is to use the Jubler program mentioned at the đứng đầu of this page.

An SRT tệp tin has a particular format it has lớn exist in. Here's an example of just a snippet from an SRT file:

The first number is the order that this subtitle chunk should take in relation khổng lồ all the others. In the full SRT file, the next section is called 1098, và then 1099, và so on.

The second line is the timecode for how long the text should be displayed on the screen. It's phối up in the format of HH:MM:SS,MIL, which is hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds. This explains how long the text should display on the screen. In that example, those words would remain on the screen for about 3 seconds (48-45 seconds).

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After one section, there needs to lớn be a line of blank space before you start the next, which in this example would be:

Nothing special needs to be included at the very start or over of the SRT file. Just start and end like you'd write the examples we've given here.

More Information on the SRT Format

The program SubRip extracts subtitles from movies & displays the results in the SRT format as described above.

Another format that was originally called WebSRT, uses the .SRT tệp tin extension, too. It's now called WebVTT (Web clip Text Track) và uses the .VTT tệp tin extension. While it's supported by major browsers lượt thích Chrome và Firefox, it's not as popular as the SubRip Subtitle format và doesn't use the exact same format.

You can download SRT files from a variety of websites. One example is Podnapisi.net, which lets you download subtitles for TV shows & movies using an advanced tìm kiếm to find the exact đoạn phim by year, type, episode, season, or language.

Frequently Asked Questions

How vày you create an SRT tệp tin for Facebook? First, create the SRT file using a text editor or an SRT editor like Jubler. Then, select Edit đoạn phim on the Facebook video, & select Choose File below Upload SRT files lớn upload your SRT file.
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