7, how to stack neutral creep camps in dota 2


Neutral creeps are a powerful force in Dota 2, but some clearly top the nguồn tier các mục while others are more forgettable.

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Many Dota 2 heroes revolve around neutral creeps. Some heroes steal creep abilities, while others take the entire camp with them, & still others just want lớn kill as many as possible. While each has its own niche, not all jungle creeps are created equal. Some provide powerful auras or spells, while others can just tank tower shots.
This neutral creep tier danh sách considers the perspective of a player controlling the creep. Many heroes have built-in ways to lớn take over creeps or use their abilities for themselves. Items lượt thích Helm of the Dominator & Overlord give all 122 heroes ways to lớn exploit jungle creep abilities. It also considers their peak usefulness at any point in the match, not just in the early or late game stages.

Troll Summoner, Centaur Conqueror, & Alpha Wolf are the best neutral creeps in Dota 2

These three creeps represent the best value in terms of spells và tankiness. Each one is arguably the best neutral creep in the game under certain circumstances. The Alpha Wolf takes the đứng top spot due to Packleader’s Aura. 30% bonus damage is insane with the right heroes. Late game carries like Luna & Terrorblade get a huge boost from it, & it applies to their illusions too. Critical Strike also makes it the most ferocious creep in the pack.

The Dark Troll Summoner takes second due lớn its point target stun. Ensnare is the best form of crowd control available in the jungle. This makes it a vi xử lý core part of any Chen ganking party. Centaur Conqueror rounds out the S tier for similar reasons. It’s very tanky and can stun multiple heroes in the right circumstances. These three creeps definitely deserve a spot at the vị trí cao nhất of any neutral creep tier list.

Hellbear Smasher, Mud Golem, & the Satyrs are A tier in the neutrals list

The Hellbear Smasher, lovingly nicknamed “Tomato” by the Dota 2 community, is a solid neutral creep in almost every way. It’s tanky, moves quickly, và comes with a useful active ability. Thunder Clap is one of the best jungle abilities for pushing waves. The Mud Golem is exceptionally useful in the hands of a skilled player. Hurl Boulder is a point target stun, & the Shard Golems inherit the ability when it dies. That’s three stuns for the price of one.

The Satyrs camp is the most useful spawn overall for heroes that employ jungle creeps. The Tormentor’s Unholy Aura provides a solid six health regen, & kills with the Hadouken will always get you props. The xanh Mindstealer has a very useful ability that steals 100 mana & health away from an enemy. All that combined makes the entire large Satyr camp the best average spawn on this neutral creep tier list.

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B tier danh mục neutral creeps are the birds & the blues

The four creeps on this danh sách are all useful in different ways. The Wildbinhkhipho.vng Ripper provides a nice armor boost, & the Tornado spell can be used khổng lồ cause havoc in an otherwise peaceful lane. It also comes in clutch for clearing out stacked camps early. Despite being a small camp unit, the Harpy Stormcrafter’s Chain Lightning is surprisingly potent. It can usually toss out 460 damage before it runs out of mana.

The blues in the B tier of our jungle creep các mục are the Ogre Frostmage và Ghost. Five Ice Armor is nothing to lớn scoff at, making it a great creep to fortify pushes. The Ghost is a favorite for carry Io players. The slow và attack tốc độ reduction can often turn the tide in close engagements.

Kobold Foreman & Hill Troll Priest are not quite useless

The second-to-last section on our neutral creeps tier các mục consists of two units who barely do anything. The Kobold Foreman has a 12% movement speed aura that’s so forgettable it’s typically just called the tốc độ Aura. If you really want lớn train your last hitting, dominate one and micro it in an empty lane. 15 damage doesn’t leave much room for error.

The Hill Troll Priest is also pretty bad. The heal active is almost useless. The mana regeneration aura is somewhat useful, but it pales compared khổng lồ the abilities of other creeps. It used khổng lồ be a niche pick back when Doom had health regeneration built into his kit, as it would allow him to lớn spam spells in lane. Now he needs a Satyr Tormentor lớn sustain his health, so the Priest isn’t even useful there. If you play in low skill brackets, watch out for Chens who grab four of them & use them khổng lồ heal jungling teammates.

Dota 2 has a lot of useless jungle creeps

The very bottom tier of our danh mục is filled with creeps that don’t really vì chưng anything special at all. The majority of these units are basically just melee creeps. Some of them bởi have special abilities or auras, but they generally round down to lớn nothing. The D tier creeps distinguish themselves with a whopping 5% magic resistance aura. The rest are just garbage.
For example, the Vhoul Assassins have a special poison attack that deals damage over time. That sounds situationally useful, until you realize that it does so little damage it can’t even break Templar Assassin’s Refraction. Maybe grab an Ogre Bruiser to lớn tank the tower for an impromptu push. They’re not good for much else.

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