Ép Xung Gpu Của Bạn Một Cách An Toàn Để Tăng Hiệu Suất, How To Overclock Your Graphics Card


There’s nothing more depressing than starting a br& new game on launch day, only to lớn suffer through constant stuttering or poor chất lượng. If your games run at lower FPS or your multimedia apps run slow, don’t fiddle with lower settings and make sacrifices just yet. Instead, try pushing it to lớn its absolute limit. Enter GPU overclocking.

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What exactly is GPU overclocking?

GPU overclocking means pushing the speed of your graphics card beyond its mặc định to squeeze out more tốc độ for your games! It’s a bit like pouring fire accelerant on the grill… it helps you get your steak a bit faster, but it’s a force to be reckoned with. Here’s the deal: Every graphics thẻ runs at a certain standard frequency. For example, my NVIDIA Tirã Xp (2017) runs at a maximum clock of 1,582 MHz on its GPU chip while the 12GB of memory runs at 5,505 MHz. NVIDIA has opted for a rather conservative approach on this as the silicon is capable of handling higher frequencies, which allows for more operations per second. At any rate, you can expect a small bump in performance.

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In other cases, an overclochồng could give sầu you an edge when cranking up the visual details. For example, only an overcloông chồng allows me to play Nier: Automata at 4K resolution, with maximum details at a rock solid 60 FPS. Without that overclochồng, I’d have sầu khổng lồ dial back some visual settings và make sacrifices. cảnh báo that other GPU-dependent tasks might also benefit from an overcloông xã, including multitruyền thông rendering which is done mostly by the GPU.

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How safe is overclocking?

Overclocking is relatively safe these days. If anything goes wrong, the máy tính xách tay or PC will crash or produce visual artifacts (which is a good warning that your game is about lớn crash, too), but chances are sllặng you’ll actually damage your hardware. Damaging the GPU will occur, however, if you decide khổng lồ become a professional GPU overclocker, using LN2 or “shunt mods” khổng lồ remove sầu voltage limitations so you can feed more power lớn the GPU… but I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole! It’s not sustainable & gives you marginal benefits at high risk. It’s up to you, but you can obviously kiss that guarantee goodbye!

If you want lớn know how the pros push their GPUs to the limits, check out the channels of German overclocking champions Der8auer, GamersNexus và JayzTwoCents — my personal favorites.

Before you overloông chồng, optimize your software

Overclocking is a hardware-based approach khổng lồ optimizing your PC. It’s only worth doing if your PC is already optimized on a software màn chơi, otherwise you’d be negating the improvements you’ve made by overclocking. To create a solid basis for overclocking, you should first optimize your PC software for gaming & consider using binhkhipho.vn Cleanup to lớn reduce the impact of 3rd-buổi tiệc nhỏ processes on your computer. The combination of optimized hardware & software will give you the best possible performance.

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