Fast ethernet là gì


Ethernet is a set of networking technologies that are used to lớn connect several systems in order to create a Local Area Network (LAN). There are many other varieties of Ethernet available for use, but the two most binhkhipho.vnmon are Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. This article will talk about the differences between Fast Ethernet và Gigabit Ethernet.

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Fast Ethernet là gì?

Fast Ethernet (FE) is a local area network (LAN) transmission standard that was first introduced in 1995 as IEEE 802.3u. Fast Ethernet. The speed of Fast Ethernet is 100 Mbps, và Fast Ethernet aims khổng lồ improve network performance while decreasing bit size.

It is intended for 100 Base-T networks but is also binhkhipho.vnpatible with 10 Base-T networks, allowing customers to benefit from greater Ethernet speeds without totally upgrading their network equipment.

Fast Ethernet devices can run over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables such as category 5 and higher rated connections, allowing for longer optical fiber transmission. It also supports full-duplex and half-duplex binhkhipho.vnmunication modes.

Gigabit Ethernet là gì?

Gigabit Ethernet is a newer version of the local area network (LAN) transmission standard. It is first introduced in 1999 as IEEE 802.3ab và later as IEEE 802.3ah. The IEEE 802.3ab standard defines Gigabit Ethernet’s applicability to lớn 1000 Base-T networks và facilitates the use of existing UTP cabling.

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Gigabit Ethernet has a maximum tốc độ of 1000 Mbps, which is ten times faster than Fast Ethernet. It can handle increasingly binhkhipho.vnplicated network demands, such as connecting several bandwidth-intensive devices & broadband mạng internet connections for video streaming.

Gigabit Ethernet devices can deliver data packets substantially quicker than Fast Ethernet devices. Fast Ethernet switches have a data transmission rate of 10 megabits per second. While Gigabit Ethernet switches send data packets at the binhkhipho.vnparatively fast rate of one gigabit per second.

Sự khác hoàn toàn giữa Fast Ethernet với Gigabit Ethernet

So as shown in the table below, there are numerous ways lớn binhkhipho.vnpare Fast Ethernet with Gigabit Ethernet:

Các khía cạnhEthernet nhanhmạng Ethernet vận tốc cao
Tốc độ, vận tốc100 Mbit / s1000 Mbit / s
Phủ sóngLên mang đến 10 kmLên mang lại 70 km
Trễ chuyến khứ hồi100-500 lần bit4000 lần bit
Trì hoãnChậm trễ hơnÍt đủng đỉnh hơn
Cấu hìnhĐơn giản với tiết kiệmPhức tạp và các lỗi hơn
GiáChi tầm giá hiệu quảĐắt hơn
Phần kết luận

Now fast ethernet or gigabit ethernet, which one you should choose? Fast Ethernet is supported by all networks, however Gigabit Ethernet is only available in certain networks. If you don’t require a network connection faster than 100 Mbps, then you can go with Fast Ethernet. And If your network has a large number of users, you should consider Gigabit Ethernet.

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