Pubg Mobile Lagging? Top 5 Tips To Fix Lag And Frame Drop


For all the popularity PUBG gets, not all of it is in a positive light. Although PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is one of the few game titles that managed to lớn keep a player stable games since it entered early access, framerate issues & lagging is still omnipresent on both the PC và the mobile version. In this article, we’ll focus on exploring the most effective fixes that will allow you to play this game with a decent FPS count.

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How khổng lồ Fix PUBG Lagging on PC

Before we get to the actual fixing part, it’s important to lớn start by being aware of the most common causes so you know which type of fix you need to apply.

Network Bandwith-hogging programs – One potential reason your in-game network might be lagging could be other programs on your computer hogging up too much bandwidth. Take a look at your mở cửa programs & close any you don’t need running. If you’re working with limited bandwidth, doing this may help improve your game’s network status.In-Game Graphic settings are too demanding – PUBG is by no means a resource-demanding game, but you might run into FPS issues và experience lagging in scenarios where you’re attempting lớn run PUBG on the maximum resolution with the maximum graphic settings on a low-end PC. If this scenario is applicable, you should be able lớn fix the problem by adjusting the in-game settings of PUBG khổng lồ match your PC configuration.High DPI Scaling behavior is enabled – You might experience this type of problem if the main PUBG executable is configured lớn run in High DPI scaling mode. This won’t be an issue with medium & high-end PC, but might cause a problem with low-end PCs as your GPU will struggle to create the necessary pixel density.The máy vi tính is using a High-Performance tab – If you’re experiencing this problem while playing PUBG or PUBG điện thoại from a laptop, the first thing you should bởi is ensure that you are using a High-performance power plan. Additionally, ensure that your máy vi tính is always plugged in while playing the game.Steam lag fix is not applied – If you are experiencing this while launching PUBG via Steam, you should consider applying the universal ‘lag fix’ that the majority of community members go khổng lồ in order to lớn improve their stuttering issues. This involves setting a custom launch option parameter in Steam.Unoptimized PUBG di động settings – If you’re playing PUBG Mobile and you’re not happy with your FPS count or you’re experiencing frequent stuttering, there are some in-game tweaks you can vị to make the trò chơi a lot more stable.TSLGame.exe is not prioritized in Task Manager – In case you are using an optimizer app, you might find that the executable responsible for rendering the trò chơi (TSLGame.exe) is actually not prioritized inside Task Manager, which might force your system to lớn allocate fewer resources than normal. You can address this issue easily by increasing the priority via Task Manager.3rd-party firewall interference – If you’re having trouble connecting khổng lồ your game, it could be because your firewall or antivirus software is interfering. Try adding your trò chơi to the firewall’s white list & see if that fixes the problem. If not, tương tác the vendor of the firewall & ask for help.Reduce the heat emanating from PC or laptop – If your computer is overheating, you may experience low FPS or lag issues. To check if your computer is overheating, look at your cooling system & see if it’s working properly. If not, clear the dust from the cooling system & vents.Incorrectly configured Tencent Gaming Buddy – The default settings of Tencent Gaming Buddy might not be ideal for your system, which can result in lag while playing PUBG Mobile. By changing the settings khổng lồ be more tailored khổng lồ your system, you can get more fps & better performance overall in the emulator.Tencent Gaming Buddy is not compatible with the Windows version – Compatibility mode is a feature in Windows that can help you run PUBG mobile in an older version of Windows, such as Windows 7 or 8. This may help the game run better and more smoothly than in the latest version of Windows.

Now that we went over every potential cause of this issue, let’s dive into all the confirmed fixes that other users have successfully used khổng lồ get lớn the bottom of this PUBG problem.

Remove network-hogging programs

One potential reason your in-game network might be lagging is that other programs on your computer are hogging too much bandwidth.

Take a look at your xuất hiện programs và close any you don’t need running. If you’re working with limited bandwidth, this may help improve your game’s network status.

Our recommendation is lớn make sure you disable any torrent applications, file tải về programs, FTP programs, and driver updating features.

One quick way to figure out if one program is hogging your network resources is via Task Manager. Here’s what you need khổng lồ do:

Press Ctrl + Shift +Esc to xuất hiện up Task Manager.In case Task Manager opens up with the simple interface, click on Show more.
Accessing the detailed version of Task ManagerFrom the detailed version of Task Manager, click on the Processes tab, then move over lớn the right-hand pane & click on the Network column at the top.
Ordering the Processes via network usage via Task Manager

Note: This will order all the active processes in the order of their network bandwidth consumption.Next, right-click on the most network resource intensive processes và click on End Task from the context menu.

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Ending the task of network intensive tasksLaunch the PUBG once again và see if the problem is now fixed.In case you did some housekeeping and closed every network-hogging process & the issue is still not fixed, move down khổng lồ the next method below.

Tweak the In-Game Settings of PUBG

No matter how modest your computer’s specs are, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy PUBG. However, if you’re pushing your machine khổng lồ its limit by running the trò chơi on max settings at 4K resolution, you may start khổng lồ see some FPS issues and lag.

To solve this problem, simply adjust the in-game settings of PUBG to lớn better match your PC configuration.

Here’s what you need lớn do:

Open theSteamclient andlogin khổng lồ your account, then go toLibraryand launchPUBG.Now xuất hiện “Settings“, and select “Graphics” option.Change the Display Mode khổng lồ “Fullscreen“.Keep theResolution which your monitor has for desktop, If you change it khổng lồ low you might get more FPS.FPP Camera FOV should be between “70-80” for low-end, “80-90” for mid-range and above that is for high-end PC.
Toning down the in-game PUBG settingsBelow that you can keep everything “Very Low” or “Low”Now go to lớn “Gameplay“, and change these three options which are shown below:
Tweaking the chơi game settings of PUBGAfter changing all the above settings, kiểm tra the FPS difference & lag issue.

If the problem is still not fixed, move down to lớn the next method below.

Override High DPI Scaling

This type of problem could occur if the PUBG main executable is configured lớn run on High DPI scaling mode. Medium to lớn high-end PCs shouldn’t have any issues, but lower-end PCs might struggle since their GPUs wouldn’t be able to manage the required pixel density.

If you’re looking for specific instructions that will help you make sure this is not an underlying issue causing lagging issues with PUBG, follow the steps below:

Open theSteam clientandlogin to your account, then click on “Library“Right-click on “PUBG” from the list and go toPropertiesClick the “Local Files” tab, then click “Browse Local Files
Accessing the Local filesOnce you’re inside the root directory of the game, navigate lớn the following subdirectory:

TslGame > Binaries > Win64Right-click on “ExecPubg” & selectProperties.Select the “Compatibility” tab & tick “Disable full-screen optimizations“Tick “Override high DPI..” click OK & save it. Note: In Windows 8 this will look a bit different lượt thích “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings“Do the same for the “TslGame”.

Disabling High DPI scalingLaunch PUBG once again và see if the problem is now fixed.If the same kind of problem is still occurring, move down to lớn the next method below.

Force a High-Performance nguồn Plan (if applicable)

If you’re experiencing performance issues while playing PUBG or PUBG mobile on your laptop, the first thing to vày is check that you’re using a High-performance power plan. Additionally, you need khổng lồ make sure your máy tính is always plugged in while playing the game.

If you’re using a restrictive power plan that is actually stopping the syncing feature in order lớn conserve battery power, it might over up affecting the game. Obviously, this can only occur on laptops & other portable PCs.

Several affected users have reported that they managed lớn resolve the issue by accessing the power nguồn Options menu và making the switch khổng lồ a power plan that doesn’t include the stoppage of file syncing.

Here’s how you can make sure your OS is not blocking the syncing feature of PUBG:

To access the Power Options menu, press the Windows key + R to open a Run dialog box. Type “powercfg.cpl” in the text box & press Enter.

Note: Alternatively, you can search for “Power Options” in the Start menu. In the Power Options window, go to the right-hand pane & change the active power nguồn plan from Power Saver to Balanced or High Performance.

Change the High PerformanceOnce you’ve made the changes, restart your computer and check if the issue has been resolved upon startup.

If PUBG is still suffering from the same issues, move down to lớn the next method below.

Establish Special Launch options via Steam

If you’re having trouble launching PUBG through Steam, try applying the universally accepted ‘lag fix’ that a lot of other members of the community use to improve their stuttering issues. This involves setting a custom launch option parameter in Steam.

There are a lot of PUBG players confirming that once they customized PUBG with the custom launch parameter ‘-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -NOSPLASH -nomansky +mat_antialias 0‘, the FPS count improved dramatically and the lagging issues have all but disappeared.

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