Shadow Warriors


A new mode designed to lớn bring the best in competitive action. Combining the best parts of tìm kiếm and Destroy và Ghost Mode, Ghost S&D will push your skills to the limit!

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A new system khổng lồ reward players who are active và participating in Ranked Matches. Earn points and exchange them for exclusive rewards!

Beasts of Prey

These weapons, originally created for a Global eSports Tournament, have been re-designed for your use!


M4A1-S-Leonidas, AWM-Eagle, AK47-Lycan


This latest Weapon phối features a dark green background with xanh neon highlights.


JackHammer-Proton, M14EBR-Proton, Dual Karambit-Proton

Golden Camo Crate II

A deadly weapon set with a chất lượng blend of luxury & functionality, has now been upgraded with more weapons!


TAR21-Golden Camo, P228-Golden Camo, AUG A1-Golden Camo


The MP cửa hàng has been updated with new items, including the M4A1-S-Flower Power-Florence và the Plasma Knife!

With each ZP purchase through Razer And/Or Rixty, get a chance, lớn win an exclusive Razer hardware set!

- Fixed an issue that disabled the G-Gingerbread sound effect.

- Fixed an issue that caused the zoom function on the HK 416C-Adv to lớn not work properly

- Fixed an issue that caused the Archaea character to be fully visible lớn teammates in Ghost S&D mode

- Fixed an issue that caused caused the Spooky weapon set to lớn be missing its reloading sound effects

- Fixed an issue that caused the Noble Gold Name thẻ to be missing its asset in Storage view

- Fixed an issue that caused the SPOP-Elite character to be missing its Smoke Protection effect

- Fixed an issue that caused the M4-Silencer to đầu ra a Client Error when the weapon was equipped in-game

- Fixed an issue that caused the in-game chat censoring system to lớn not work properly

- Fixed an incorrect weapon mô tả tìm kiếm on the coupon weapon M14EBR-Scope-Camo

- Fixed an issue that caused weapons to lớn display improper ammo count while in storage view

- Fixed an issue that caused the Attack Drone texture khổng lồ not appear properly on Zombie Mode 3

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