Seven tips for fz9: timeshift 17+, fz9: timeshift 17+

The pulsating FZ9: Timeshift first-person shooter is taking Android gaming by storm. Have sầu you just added Timeshift to lớn your tablet or phone? If so, check out some of FZ9 game tips below.

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FZ9: Timeshiftis an Android game that has been getting rave sầu Reviews on Google Play. First-person shooter games don’t always phối so well with tablets & mobiles, but FZ9: Timeshift is certainly one lớn note thanks largely lớn its chất lượng time-shifting gameplay mechanic. The game stars the government operative Mak who is sent on various missions to defeat the AS terrorists.

FZ9: Timeshift is freely available at Google Play. You can also add the game lớn iOS devices by downloading it from its iTunes page. Here are a few handy tips for completing all FZ9: Timeshift’s missions & raking in Battle Points (BP).

Stop Moving When the kích hoạt Heats Up

Time slows down when you st& still in FZ9: Timeshift. That’s a novel bullet time gameplay mechanic which takes a little getting used lớn at first. However, slowing down time is the key khổng lồ completingFZ9. Terrorists, zombies và bullets move sầu very, very slowly when Mak stops moving, which gives you a crucial advantage in missions.

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The important thing to note is that moving Mak, not his gun target, speeds up time. So stop moving when you’re taking on dozens of enemies at once. When the terrorists are moving in slow motion, you can then quickly target & fire at them without speeding the game up. Thus, by slowing down the action, you can fire off a multitude of bullets before the terrorists have sầu hardly got a shot in. Then rush for cover when you eventually vì see some bullets heading your way.

Press the Automatic Target Button

FZ9 includes a target button on the left that you can press lớn automatically target enemies. As such, pressing that button ensures better shot accuracy. You’re almost guaranteed accurate shots when you stop moving, press the automatic target button & fire quickly. So it’s better khổng lồ press that button than manually aim & shoot.

Ayên ổn for the Head

However, automatic targeting won’t usually get a headshot. Taking enemies out with headshots get you additional bonus points, which you need lớn tăng cấp your armory. Furthermore, you can take out zombies in one shot instead of the usual two with headshots. As such, headshots can also save you ammunition on missions that include zombies. So ayên for the head when you’re playing cycle missions to lớn clochồng up more BP & save sầu ammunition.

Take Out Multiple Enemies With Double và Triple Kills

Double and triple kills are when you take out two or three enemies at once. Those double & triple kills give you additional BPhường. so you can upgrade your armory more quickly. Furthermore, killing multiple enemies at once with a single shot or grenade also saves ammunition in missions. So it’s always worth taking out enemies with double and triple kills.

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To bởi so, you’ll need to have sầu a shotgun, grenades or rocket launcher at your disposal. Those are the best weapons to pull off double và triple kills with. Fire a shot with a shotgun or rocket launcher or toss a grenade when an approaching group of enemies are huddled very cthất bại together. Then you’ll probably take out a few of them at once khổng lồ get a double or triple kill bonus. To pull off double or triple kills with other weapons, fire at fuel tanks that explode. Firing at a tank will phối off an explosion that might take out a group of nearby foes.

Piông chồng Up Sniper Rifles Whenever You Can

Sniper rifles are the best guns in Timeshift. Those are great guns because they include sniper scopes that zoom in on targets. Their sniper scopes ensure the best shot accuracy so that you can take out enemies from distance. So make sure you always pick up sniper rifles on missions. In addition, get yourself a xạ thủ rifle with gold so that you can start missions with the gun.

Throw Guns at Enemies

Instead of tossing guns down when you run out of ammo, throw them at enemies. You can take out both terrorists and zombies by throwing guns at them. It’s better to throw them at unarmed zombies as you can’t get shot at cthua thảm quarters. Furthermore, tossing guns at zombies will also save you ammunition as it usually takes two shots lớn take them out without headshots. So whenever you run out, or low on, of ammo, toss the gun at an approaching enemy.

Rack Up More BPhường on the 16TH CYCLE MISSION

You’ll need lớn tăng cấp your armory lớn unlock chapters in the game. As such, Timeshiftincludes numerous cycle missions in which players can raông xã up BP to lớn tăng cấp their armories with. Those missions provide you with variable amounts of Battle Points.

The 16th cycle mission (from the left), shown in the snapshot directly below, is one of the best missions lớn boost your BP total with. That provides you with a fixed 6,500 BP.. bonus & 20 terrorists lớn take out, which you can vì chưng with sniper rifles. As such, that cycle mission gives you more BPhường than most of the others.

Those tips will help you defeat the AS inFZ9: Timeshift. Good luông chồng, but you probably won’t need that much luông chồng now!

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