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Nothing bad to say! Works seamlessly, it hits it"s advertised speed, looks great, the RGB & the effects are nice looking và many (I only use static tho). Their sofware is not heavy on the system, it"s simple and when it turns on, you can turn it back off, while the lights on the memory sticks remain the way you mix them, which is awesome!You can"t go wrong buying G.SKILL memory! I will never choose other brand after having them!


Easily some of the best mid-ranged ram on the market. Trident Z"s are usually compatible with most boards và have amazing RGB effects lớn boot. XMP worked like a charm & the heatsinks vày their job well.

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The RGB on this ram kit looks amazing. But, it resets after every reboot until you launch the rgb software. Just a little inconvenience. Works great & runs at 3200mhz as it should.


Objectively still the best looking RAM on the market. Love building with them, even though the RGB software isn"t the best. Performance for the specs is middle of the pack, but it doesn"t change much.

Perfect pairing with my Ryzen 7 2700X & beautiful RGB lighting! 16GB & 3200Mhz is exactly what I needed for Gaming, Photo/Video editing, Discord, và School/Work!

Not much khổng lồ say about this. G.Skill is a known brand & the RGB is nice. Had to do a re-seat after 2 weeks because of random BSODs but idk if that is more of a motherboard thing.

I got these for DIRT cheap on an auction site. The RGB program you get from the g.skill trang web works great. It plays nice with my motherboard"s rgb too. Samsung b-die sticks, fast as all hell (yes even at 3200) và really I don"t need any more than 16 gbs. Veeeerry happy with these.


P L A N T (don't click if you think value is more important than aesthetics)AMD Ryzen 5 2600Radeon RX 580
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