Games under 1gb ram (2020), 5 best pc games that are less than 1 gb in size


Top app android games in 20đôi mươi under 1GB

Today we are gonna look at some of the top apk games in 20trăng tròn, and guess what they are all below 1Gb. Since its lock-down time, I thought this article would be helpful for many of the gaming enthusiasts out there!

All these games are massive sầu, that players will sink plenty of time as they complete quests, customize their various characters, và most of all explore the open world. The age of smartphones made games easily accessible.

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So, this menu includes the best shooting games, RPG games, racing và even strategy gaming considering the factors usually a game thủ would look for while installing a game on an Android device.

List of Games Under 1GB

PUBG thiết bị di động Lite (541Mb)

That one game you can find on most of the people’s smartphones is PUBG. Either you are playing alone or playing along with your friends, this is the right game lớn go for. PUBG Lite is specially designed for those who have sầu smartphones with lesser Ram. PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại Lite uses Unreal Engine 4 & builds on the original PUBG mobile gameplay khổng lồ create action-packed Aremãng cầu Mode matches lasting 10 minutes or less. The streamlined game requires only 600 MB of không tính tiền space and 1 GB of RAM khổng lồ run smoothly.


Its one of the best strategic game which involves combining in alliance legions lớn khung your attachồng strategy together then strike!

NOVA storm: Stellar empire (84Mb)

A mind blowing online multiplayer sci-fi space strategy game designed for everyone who who want lớn become galaxy hero!

Protect your base by shooting and battling the alien fleets in Stellar Empires: Nova Storm, a stellar strategy MMORPG(massively multi-player online role playing game) and base building war game. Build your empire with other players from around the globe & plan an attack with your own space fleet! Develop your stellar empire & befriover empire allies to combat both aliens & human enemies.

Darkness Rises (97Mb)

Darkness Rises is a revolutionary kích hoạt RPG that blends gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense trùm battles.Darkness spreads across the land, bringing with it a horde of ferocious demons ready lớn breach our gates. An epic fantasy RPG awaits – the path will be grueling, but you must persevere & descover inlớn hell itself khổng lồ destroy this evil before it ravages our world.

Conquer the darkness before it conquers you.

Dead trigger 2 (551Mb)

This is the right game if you want khổng lồ play hear-stopping First person shooting game.

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Wipe out the zombie hordes in a variety of imaginative sầu ways. This Zombie FPS shooter is full of evil action!

Dungeon hunters 5 (50Mb)

Gameloft has never failed to entertain its users. Join forces with millions of Bounty Hunters online for the most intense hack-and-slash adventure!


Gods of Rome (34Mb)

An epic fighting game set in an age of myth & legover that shows you exactly what your Smartphone device is capable of!The souls of the most powerful gods have sầu been summoned to brutal battle. Fight to restore peace in the most graphically amazing game for thiết bị di động. A pantheon of champions is yours to lớn train khổng lồ new heights và take khổng lồ war as you enter an epic story full of daily challenges, mystical prizes & PvP.. combat.

Gods of Rome pushes the limits of the Mobile platkhung by offering the best 3 chiều graphics possible on a mobile device.

Shadow fight 3 (111Mb)

The mighty heroes of three clans are fighting over the shadow energy and you mix out on an adventure to kết thúc this war. A military tribe, the Legion, wants khổng lồ destroy the dangerous energy. The Dynasty people want lớn use it for profit and craft. And the mysterious Heralds study the darkest secrets of the shadow power.


Shadow gun legends (1.03Gb)

Award-winning Non-Stop FPS kích hoạt RPG Shooter. That’s the reason we have sầu included it in this blog inspite of being little over the 1Gb category.

Experience epic story campaigns, competitive sầu PvPhường. or cooperative online games!

In the sci-fi world of Shadowgun Legends, humanity is under attachồng from a deadly alien invader. The last line of defense is the Shadowguns, legendary warriors và heroes.

Mortal kombat (1.09Gb)

That one game I’m playing right from my childhood. MORTAL KOMBAT MOBILE brings its trademark Fatalities lớn Smartphone, with stunning graphics, và over the top moves! Assemble an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors now và prove sầu yourself in the greakiểm tra fighting tournament on Earth.


The above sầu mentioned games are one of the best games in their respective sầu categories. They vary from 30Mb to lớn 1Gb. And the best part is that all these games will run seamlessly in most of the sản phẩm điện thoại phones irrespective of game android or iOS. But still I would suggest you to try them out of Smartphone phones having at least 4Gb of RAM in order lớn experience some never-ending fun unless you run out of juice!

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