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The best sản phẩm điện thoại RPGs feature, at least in some capathành phố, common tropes that we can also see in their PC và console brethren. Expect wide-open worlds, lengthy và engrossing stories, characters with a high cấp độ of depth, and complex systems to learn. Sure, there are plenty of ‘RPGs’ on sản phẩm điện thoại that feature none of the above sầu, but they won’t appear on this danh mục.

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However, unlượt thích many other Smartphone genres, you’re probably going khổng lồ have to lớn fork out a pretty penny for most of the games on this danh sách. That’s because RPGs are typically very lengthy experiences, and the way they’re designed doesn’t (& shouldn’t) translate well to free-to-play.

What you will get, though, is a hechồng of a lot of bang for your buông xã. Our picks range from excellent mobile-exclusives lớn ports of genre classics, & every single one of them oozes unique & nội dung. So much so, that you might want to book a week off work or take a longer commute. We’re in it with you for the long haul.

the bestđiện thoại rpgs

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Genshin Impact

Breath of the Wild goes JRPG in Genshin Impact, the latest entry in the ‘Impact’ series that also features mobile’s Honkai Impact 3rd. You’ll collect a bunch of characters, explore a wide-open world, and battle through dungeons.

We’ve sầu put together a Genshin Impact đánh giá, Genshin Impact guide, Genshin Impact tier danh sách, & Genshin Impact codes các mục. You can also learn more about the Switch release in our Genshin Impact release date tracker.

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Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legendsis astunning RPG that works across PC & Mobile. It features a wide variety of heroes to collect & nội dung to lớn battle through.

To start strong, kiểm tra outour Raid: Shadow Legendstier danh sách.Then, learn how to lớn play it on the big screen with helpfrom our guide on how khổng lồ play Raid: Shadow Legends on PC.

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Final Fantasy VII

The greathử nghiệm Final Fantasy of all time, at least in our opinion, is also on mobile! Take on iconic villains in some intense turn-based combat, thua thảm yourself in the epic story, and maybe even train some Chocobo in your downtime.

The mobile version allows you to lớn turn enemy encounters off& max out your stats with the click of a button if you’re struggling khổng lồ defeat a tough trùm.


Another Eden

All you need lớn know about Another Eden is that it’s one of the best Android RPGs. The entire concept was designed byMasakhổng lồ Kato, the writer of Chrono Trigger và Final Fantasy VII. If you haven’t already downloaded it (shame on you!), it’s also a darn good JRPG in its own right, with stunning comic book visuals, an excellent turn-based combat system, and loads of characters to collect. Just get it.

Make sure you kiểm tra out our Another Eden tier menu if you’re thinking about trying this game out.


arcane quest legends

Arcane Quest Legends is (surprise, surprise) yet another Diablo-lượt thích on thiết bị di động. This one focuses a lot more on storytelling than loot though, so appeals lớn a very different demographic. That’s not to lớn say that therearen’t plenty of ways lớn customise your character though. Diablo fans will find plenty khổng lồ love sầu here.


baldur’s gate: enhanced edition

The definitive classic RPG made a triumphant comebaông xã on Mobile thanks lớn Beamdog. This ‘Enhanced Edition’ features a completely revamped UI, touched-up visuals, và entirely new nội dung. The sequel, Icewind Dale, và a brand new game, which takes place between the first và second, are also available on điện thoại. Beamdog, you do spoil us.


The Banner Saga

This morose tactical RPG franchise sees you trudging across a frozen, Viking-themed landscape in your own caravan. In Banner Saga, you’ll participate in Fire Emblem-style combat, explore a bleak world, and make decisions that make trò chơi of Thrones seem like a kids show. Check out our list of the best thiết bị di động strategy games for more series lượt thích Banner Saga.


battle chasers: nightwar

Battle Chasers: Nightwar rolls baông xã the clock to a time when the SNES ruled the roost. Drawing liberal inspiration from the likes of Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, và more, this JRPG revels in features that have fallen by the wayside in recent years. Expect turn-based combat, a cliché-ridden story, và lots (và lots) of grinding; all wrapped up in some beautiful Saturday morning cartoon-style visuals.


Cat Quest 2

Cat Quest 2 isn’t so much a revolution as an evolution. It plays the same & looks the same,but you can experience the entire adventure with a frikết thúc this time. That’s a game-changer in itself. Those who can’t stvà terrible cát puns should watch meow-t. (sorry).


chrono trigger

In certain circles, Chrono Trigger is regarded as the pinnacle of JRPGs, so not including it on this menu would be borderline sacrilegious. It helps that the port is actually pretty solid; even including fullscreen support for the iPhone X, unlượt thích most of Square Enix’s other classic JRPG ports.


Darkest Dungeon

Though Darkest Dungeon isn’t a dungeon crawler in the traditional sense, it pretty much exclusively features crawling through dungeons, so to not include it here would be criminal. You build up a các buổi party of random adventurers and skết thúc them inkhổng lồ a variety of ‘dungeons’ lớn reclayên ổn your family’s estate. While monsters remain a huge threat, the largest is actually the psychology system.

Your characters will contend with găng in all its forms, including paranoia, fear, irrational behaviour, & more. Each of them has their own issues lớn khuyến mãi with and deal with them you must if you want to lớn make it khổng lồ the bitter over.


Dragon Quest VIII

Much lượt thích Final Fantasy, there are a load of Dragon Quests available on sản phẩm điện thoại. We settled on Dragon Quest VIII because Square Enix has actually updated it for the lathử nghiệm iPhones. Oh, và it’s also often regarded as one of the better entries in the franchise. Fight me.

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Eternium is khổng lồ điện thoại as Warfame is khổng lồ PC và console: it’s the place to go khổng lồ collect mega loot. Much lượt thích Titan Quest, it models itself very closely on Diablo, but it features plenty of mobile-specific flourishes; chief amongst them the ability to lớn cast spells and perkhung skills by drawing symbols with your thumb.


exiled kingdoms

Exiled Kingdoms is a hidden gem on the Smartphone phầm mềm stores, featuring over 100 hours of nội dung (if you vày everything). While it’s not the prettiest game on this danh sách, it’s clearly a labour of love sầu by developer 4 Dimension Games. It also ticks every box, featuring a huge world, loads of loot, deep character customisation, & excellent writing throughout – no wonder it’s one of the best Android RPGs.



Imagine, if you will, a Souls-lượt thích platformer that not only implements the mechanics of Dark Souls, but also tries khổng lồ create the same aesthetic. That is basically Grimvalor; a Souls-like platformer where you fight your way through rooms of enemies, to eventually face bosses. We may not have Pascal’s Wager on Android (yet) but Grimvalor is a more than worthy substitute; both challenging khổng lồ play, và with a decent control system.


legend of grimrock

Legend of Grimrock brought classic dungeon crawler sensibilities into the 21st century; which mostly consisted of stunning visuals. Everything you love about the likes of Might & Magic, Eye of the Beholder, and Ultima is here, with plenty of tactical combat, deep character customisation, & secrets to find. Seriously, hunting down secrets is a huge part of the appeal.



You see a brand new world stretching out before you: how will you use this opportunity? Will you build a gigantic monument lớn yourself? Will you farm pandas? Will you pour lava on your unsuspecting friend’s houses? For those of you who have sầu been living in a cave sầu (but not the ones in Minecraft) this game centres around block-based building & survival. But it’s also a great RPG, because the possibilities of what you can bởi vì & build in your own little world, are quite literally endless. It’s also definitely one of the best Android RPGs.


Monster Hunter Stories

Capcom clearly glanced with envy over at The Pokétháng Company, và decided to shoehorn a bunch ofPokétháng sensibilities inkhổng lồ the Monster Hunter universe. Rather than butcher monsters (though there’s plenty of that too) you hunt for eggs and hatch them. These newborn monsters then turn into buổi tiệc nhỏ members, fighting alongside you in some nifty turn-based battles. Monster Hunter Stories is absolutely one of the best Android RPGs – come for the dễ thương monsters, stay for the rock-paper-scissors combat system.


Neverwinter Nights

The successor to lớn Baldur’s Gate, which brought the gameplay to 3D và stripped baông chồng the các buổi tiệc nhỏ focus to lớn focus on a single nhân vật plus companion, is now available on sản phẩm điện thoại in enhanced form. It also features multiplayer, for those that want to play with others.


oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 expanded on the Zelda-lượt thích original in pretty much every single manner possible; think the jump between Zelda: A Link lớn the Past và Breath of the Wild & you’re along the right lines. The visually stunning world is delivered in full 3D, thecombat is far more action-packed, & there’s loads lớn see and vày in this truly open-world adventure.


planescape: torment: enhanced edition

Like Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment is a bonafide classic that was built in the Infinity Engine, & has been revamped by the prolific Beamdog. Though it still features plenty of bone-crunching combat, the emphasis is more on dialogue & story. Fortunately, the written element is absolutely superb. Plus, it features a talking skull called Morte. Enough said.



Severed is one of those quality games that takes supreme advantage of the di động platform, rather than simply brute-forcing its way onto lớn it by means of a simple port. You explore a wide variety of colourful landscapes in this hellish world, battling monsters with frantic swipes of your finger. Think Fruit Ninja as an RPG combat system và you’re on the right lines.


stardew valley

Considered by many lớn be the spiritual successor khổng lồ Harvest Moon, the classic farming game, Stardew Valley tries to channel the same easy-going tone, & back-to-basics play. In the game, you haverecently inherited your grandfather’s old ranch; you work to makeit thrive sầu again,become part of the local community, và maybe even find yourself a love interest. The game is also multiplayer, so friends can come and help you with the chores. Stardew Valley is less of a farming game, và more a story about beginning anew, và building a home – one of the best Android RPGs for sure.

Looking for more nội dung related lớn this game? Take a look at our Stardew Valley Sebastian, Stardew Valley Lewis, and Stardew Valley Gus guides.


star traders: frontiers

Star Traders: Frontiers is an incredibly deep RPG that places you at the helm of your very own starship. What you then bởi with said starship is entirely up khổng lồ you. You can explore the galaxy, set up a trading empire, become a swashbuckling space pirate, or simply dig deep inkhổng lồ the politics và story. No matter what you choose, prepare to lớn be in it for the long haul.


star wars: knights of the old republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is BioWare at its absolute best, and remains the definitive Star Wars game a whopping 17 years following its original release. You play as a novice Jedi, tasked with saving thegalaxy from the bloodthirsty Sith. Or, you can join the bad guys and help them take over. Few games give sầu you this amount of choice, even today.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

It’s only right that we include the sequel on this các mục too, as it’s an excellent RPG in its own right & is far from a simple retread. It takes place five sầu years after the events of the original, with the Old Republic hanging on by a thread. Will you bring hope or destruction? The choice is yours.


titan quest

Titung Quest is the closest you can get lớn playing Diablo on your phone; at least until Diablo Immortal finally surfaces. It’s a classic in its own right, too, after launching way back in 2006 on PC, & features everything you love about the genre. Expect a wide variety of environments khổng lồ explore, an even bigger selection of loot, and a multitude of character builds khổng lồ dive sầu into lớn. For more dungeon-delving fun, have a gander at our các mục of the best games like Diablo on Smartphone.



Transistor is Super Giant’s follow-up to the excellent Bastion, which rode on the crest of the indie boom baông xã when Xbox Live Arcade was the place to be. Trading the fantasy environments for neon-soaked sci-fi, Transistor continued khổng lồ innovate within its own genre with a time-bending combat style & loads of strategy.


Vampire’s Fall: Origins

This excellent 2D RPG wears its many influences on its sleeve sầu. Think the art style of Diablo meets the combat of classic Final Fantasy & has a baby with Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and you’re on the right lines. There’s a ton of RPG here for a very low price.


Various Daylife

Apple courted the team behind Octopath Traveler khổng lồ design this excellent JRPG exclusively for Apple Arcade. You play as a fresh-off-the-boat adventurerwho’s tasked with exploring a brvà new continent alongside a growing cast of colourful characters. Much lượt thích Octopath Traveler, there’s a load of different jobs to unloông xã và phối và match, providing plenty of depth for those who like that sort of thing. Nerds.


Warhammer Quest

When it burst onkhổng lồ the Smartphone scene baông xã in 2013, Warhammer Quest was out khổng lồ prove sầu two things: sản phẩm điện thoại games didn’t have khổng lồ be ugly (or, at least visually minimalist) and could actually contain strategic depth. It managed both of the two with absolute aplomb, earning itself a bunch of DLC and a sequel in the process.

That’s all the games for now! If you also lượt thích playing RPGs online, be sure khổng lồ browse our menu of the best mobile MMORPGs. We hope you found something you like!

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