Considering his face turn in recent American movies, it’s easy lớn forget that Godzilla began his career as a Tokyo-destroying parable about the dangers of atomic weapons. If you need a reminder in somewhat less solemn fashion, you’ll find it in Godzilla Defense Force (Free), Nexon’s ode to 65 years (yes, that’s right) of glorious kaiju action. It’s one part base defense, one part idle tapper and one part card game, but it all equals a love letter khổng lồ Godzilla & his friends và foes.

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The basic concept is pretty simple. Thanks to some extraterrestrial treachery, monsters from throughout the vast Godzilla film library have been unleashed on the cities of Earth, including many who have come around to our side after a while. Your job is to take a stvà against them, starting in Tokyo, naturally. While you earn coins to lớn build up your forces by taking out smaller threats, you’ll need all the upgrades you can muster every 10th màn chơi, when a kaiju arrives. Happily, you can also play cards to lớn turn the tide at opportune times, even summoning the Big G himself lớn lend a h&. Because it wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t have sầu some kaiju on your side, và besides, the trachồng record of human armies against giant monsters is pretty poor.

Godzilla Defense Force is simple enough for anyone to dive inkhổng lồ but has just enough intricacies lớn make it not quite as basic as it first appears. Let’s stomp through some tips & tricks & you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Kaiju Defense 101: Calling Out the Troops

As the person in charge of defending cities against giant boss khủng attacks, your primary duty is khổng lồ build up the armaments available to the human forces. You start with just one building, the Comm& Center, that will spit out foot soldiers at a regular interval, but you can produce even more by tapping on the screen & sending a stream of them out faster, probably khổng lồ their deaths. Now who’s the real trùm cuối, eh?

Jokes aside, your troops will earn coins as they fight, which in turn can be invested baông chồng inkhổng lồ the Command Center to lớn increase the DPS of your soldiers. When you have enough coins for an nâng cấp, you’ll see an arrow appear by the ‘G’ icon in the bottom left-corner of the screen, and you can tap on that & then by the corresponding button for your Command Center khổng lồ bump up the DPS. As you advance, you’ll unlock a Barracks for troops with bazookas, a Tank Factory khổng lồ get some armor on your side, turrets, air units, & more.

All of your forces fight on their own, but as noted, you can speed up how many infantry join the fray by tapping, & you’ll want lớn actively tap as often as possible to lớn be able khổng lồ clear stages faster. Assuming you constantly upgrade your armies, you should be able to lớn cruise through the waves of smaller monsters, meaning your only real problem will be every 10th level when the kaiju come a-calling.

Kaiju Defense 201: How khổng lồ Fight Off Giant Monsters

Yeah, we all love giant monsters, but that feeling fades a little when you’re up against them with nothing but guns và tanks. Godzilla Defense Force also makes kaiju battles tougher because you have sầu a limited time to lớn defeat them, usually only 30 seconds.

All the advice in the previous section still applies, but now you’ve got the cloông xã to worry about và you need lớn keep an eye on your buildings as well. If you see an exclamation point appear over one of them, that’s your cue to lớn tap there quickly until it goes away. Otherwise, your building will be destroyed, taking it out of action for precious seconds you really can’t afford to lớn waste.

Alas, you’re going lớn need some extra help to defeat the kaiju in most cases. Yes, even wimpy Kumonga. Here are the extra things you need to lớn know.


Alặng for the weak point

Every kaiju has a weak point that will be exposed sometime during a battle, Tap on it as soon as you see it pop up and you’ll giảm giá some nice extra damage. But act quickly, because it won’t stick around for long.


Learn how lớn play cards

You wouldn’t think cards would bởi much good against monsters that are hundreds of feet tall, but you’d be surprised. Godzilla Defense Force offers a variety of cards you can take into a kaiju battle, powered by G-Cells — a purple meter that refills over time that you’ll see at the very bottom of the game screen. Each card has a cost, và if you have enough G-Cells to play one, you can vì so by simply tapping on the card icons, then dragging the thẻ onto the screen.

Cards can range from fancier than normal Earth weapons to kaiju themselves. Some of them even sumtháng a monster to come và giảm giá khuyến mãi out some pain on your behalf, which is always a welcome sight. You can have up to three cards in your “deck" at any given time.

Bonus tip 1: Because of the limited time you have sầu for any kaiju battle, you’re only going khổng lồ be able khổng lồ play a thẻ one time, so make it count.

Bonus tip 2: You’ll notice quickly that your G-Cells refill pretty slowly. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have sầu your meter fully charged before starting a kaiju battle, because otherwise you might not ever have sầu it full during a fight.

Bonus tip 3: Make sure you know what each card you’re using does, & try lớn have sầu at least one direct damage card in your deông xã. The Orbital Cannon and Godzilla <’66> are both good examples you should be able to acquire fairly early on.

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What to Do When You Lose a Kaiju Battle … Which You Will … và Power nguồn Up For Free


No matter how savvy you are or how quickly you can tap, you’re going lớn run inlớn some times when you simply can’t take down a kaiju in the allotted time. It happens. The question is how you piông chồng yourself up and get ready for a rematch.

Godzilla Defense Force gives you two different ways khổng lồ be better for round 2, và neither involves spending money, though they vày require you to watch a short ad each time.

Relief Supplies

This is a bonus amount of coins you’ll find right next khổng lồ the giant ‘DEFEAT’ on the screen that is crushing your self-esteem. Tap on it, watch an ad, & then spend the coins you get on buffing up your troops.


Right under the ‘REVENGE’ button, you’ll see a button for thẻ selection and then another one that says ‘BOOST x1.’ Tapping on that will give sầu you the option lớn watch an ad lớn increase your boost cấp độ. You can bởi vì it only once per defeat, but if you đại bại three times in a row, you’ll be able to reach Boost cấp độ 3, which increases all the damage you vì chưng by 25% and basically turns things inkhổng lồ easy mode. Seriously, if you take nothing else away from this guide, remember that getting your rear kết thúc handed to you three straight times isn’t the worst thing ever, because as long as you Boost each time, you’ll almost certainly win on your fourth try.

Bonus tip: When Godzilla is ready to lớn appear, you’ll be stuchồng on the same stage fighting smaller monsters until you decide lớn challenge hyên. For that reason, you can avoid defeat in the first place simply by battling for a while & earning enough coins to really power up your forces.

How khổng lồ Get More Kaiju Cards For Free

This is likely the most interesting part of the game for many people, because let’s face it, summoning Godzilla or another kaiju is just downright satisfying. The good news on that front is that you get one copy of a kaiju card the first time you defeat it in the game. That’s only on the first encounter, however. Subsequent battles will earn you Card Powder instead, which you can use khổng lồ power up the cards you already own.

Are there more ways khổng lồ get không tính phí kaiju cards? But of course …


Get không tính tiền packs in the shop

Every six hours, you’ll find a miễn phí pachồng of two cards with rarities between 1 & 3 stars. Definitely make a habit of picking up your freebies.


Put those civilians to lớn work mining Moonstones

Every now & then, you’ll see a civilian cry out for help, which is only natural considering, you know, the whole giant quái vật attack thing. If you save sầu them, the governments of the world will reward them by sending them lớn work on colonies on the moon. Maybe being eaten would have sầu been better … Anyway, you can assign people you’ve sầu rescued to lớn mine Moonstones for you, which they will find automatically after a certain amount of time has passed. You can then spover 150 Moonstones in the shop for a thẻ paông xã with a card of 1 lớn 4-star rarity.

Can you buy cards too? Absolutely. The premium currency in Godzilla Defense Force is called X-nium (you’ll kind of, sort of understvà why if you pay attention to the in-game dialogue), và you’ll earn it mostly by completing achievements — which you can find by tapping on the trophy icon on the game’s menu screen. A Normal Card Pack will get you 3 random 1 to 5-star cards for 100 X-nium, while a Rare Card Pack will yield 5 random 2 khổng lồ 5-star cards. We haven’t saved up enough yet, but we’re guessing saving for the Rare pachồng is the way to go.

More Tips và Tricks

Well, you’ve read this far, and we want lớn make it worth your while with some additional tidbits. Consider it something to reward you for not just wading off into lớn kaiju action right off the bat.

Auto-Tap is a thing you can get

Tapping can be tedious after a while, và possibly even lead lớn carpal tunnel syndrome or something (note: no one on the cảm ứng Arcade staff is a doctor, so this could be completely false). In the cửa hàng, you can earn limited duration of Auto-Tap, which will simulate tapping on the screen 8 times a second without any wear and tear on your fingers. Watch an ad to get a little, or spover X-nium lớn get a bunch more.

If you could turn back time … oh wait, you can

Because colonizing the moon lớn possibly escape kaiju attacks wasn’t wacky enough, the Earth’s governments have sầu also apparently discovered how lớn travel bachồng in time. Nifty. For the purposes of this game, it’s a way to honor the idle tapper parts of its DNA. You can choose to time travel every time your HQ reaches màn chơi 5 or above; doing so will rephối all of your bases lớn the way they started and you’ll have sầu khổng lồ beat the same levels all over again. However, you keep your cards, & you’ll also earn a special currency that you can spover to buy powerful artifacts, each of which has buffs that will make your return battles easier the next time around.

Grindin’, you know what I keep in the lining

That reference lớn an oldie but goodie by The Clipse is relevant here because if you get cards you don’t particularly want, you can grind them into Card Powder you can use lớn level up the ones you use often. Just head to the thẻ select screen & look for the ‘Grind’ button, then be sure you really want khổng lồ vị it.

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