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It’s been more than 20 years since the death of Gol D. Roger, và yet nobody else has managed lớn find the One Piece.


In One Piece, different people decided lớn become pirates for different reasons. Some are in it for the dream of money và fame, some become pirates khổng lồ satisfy their violent tendencies, và there are also those who took to lớn the sea just because they yearn for freedom và adventure. What most of these people have in common, however, is the fact that they want lớn find the One Piece.

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That being said, Gol D. Roger was the only one who had found the elusive One Piece. More than đôi mươi years since his death, và still nobody managed khổng lồ follow in his footsteps. Which is weird when you think about it. After all, the sea has no shortage of powerful people. From the Seven Warlords of The Sea to the Four Emperors of The Sea, there are so many strong & dangerous pirates around. & yet not one of them managed lớn find the One Piece. Why is that?

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A Brief Summary of Gol D. Roger’s Journey


Before we answer that burning question, let's start by talking about the Pirate King’s journey to lớn find the One Piece. Most people may not realize that Roger actually sailed around the world twice. His maiden voyage was driven solely by his desire for adventure. He didn’t really have any particular goal in mind other than simply being a pirate. He didn’t even set out to lớn be the Pirate King, because there was no such thing at the time. He simply did whatever he wanted, and ended up becoming one of the strongest pirates in the world.

However, as soon as he arrived at what he thought to be the last island in the new world, the Lodestar Island, the log pose suddenly went haywire. Roger và his crews quickly surmise that there is actually one other island out there. One that can’t be visited by using the log pose. It is safe lớn say that that mysterious island should be where the mythical treasure known as One Piece resides.

During the course of his voyage, Roger came across the Poneglyph. At first, he thought nothing of it, but it soon became clear khổng lồ him that the Poneglyph that was scattered all over the globe is the key to unlocking the past. Among them, there are four chất lượng red-colored Poneglyph called Road Poneglyph. Legend says that when the contents of the four Road Poneglyph are connected, it will reveal the location of the last island in the new world. But since there was nobody around who can read the ancient language written on the Poneglyphs, there’s nothing that Roger can vị to progress past Lodestar Island.

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And that was when the fateful encounter with the Whitebeard Pirates happened. After fighting for three days & three nights, both pirates ended up having a feast together. That was when Roger explained his predicament regarding the Poneglyph khổng lồ Whitebeard. Unlike other pirates, Whitebeard never cared about the One Piece, so he simply brushed it off. But there was one man among his crew that was deeply interested in Roger’s story. He was the rightful shogun of Wano Country, Kozuki Oden.

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Much khổng lồ Roger’s surprise, Oden could easily read the nội dung of the Poneglyph. Hungry by the prospect of an amazing adventure ahead, both of them decided lớn join forces & look for the One Piece together. In order to truly find every Poneglyph và read it, Roger decided khổng lồ retrace his steps và redo his journey from the beginning, with Oden by his side. They even managed to lớn find all four of the Road Poneglyph, two of which happen lớn be in Wano và Zou. Roughly one year before his death, Roger and his crew finally found the One Piece, và named the last island as Laugh Tale.


Based on the summary above, we can conclude that there are two main things that you need in order to find One Piece. The four Road Poneglyph, & the person that can read what was written on it. Looking for the regular Poneglyph is already a difficult task, but looking for the well-hidden Road Poneglyphs is nearly impossible. At least that is the case for most pirates out there. Powerful và influential pirates like the Four Emperors should have enough resources on their hands that make it possible for them to lớn find the Road Poneglyph.

So what’s stopping them from finding the One Piece & claiming the title that Gol D. Roger left behind decades ago? Well, while finding the Road Poneglyph is technically doable, finding people who can read the ancient language written on it is simply impossible. Without it, those precious Poneglyphs are nothing more than a relic of the past. Even Roger was stuck until he met Oden.

There was a particular group of people who could read the ancient text. They are called the scholars of the Ohara. Unfortunately, the World Government wishes to keep anybody from learning about the true history of the world. They know that this information is supposed lớn be available on Laugh Tale. So they decided to lớn massacre the people of Ohara. That is the reason why no one else managed to lớn follow in Roger’s footsteps và find the One Piece.

At least that was the case until they found out about Nico Robin, the survivor of the Ohara who can actually read the ancient texts. Which is why she was always being hunted by both the World Government và the Pirates at large. Because everybody realizes that the one who has Nico Robin by their side is the one who can find the One Piece. Fortunately for her, she is under the protection of the best of the Worst Generation, Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the Straw Hat Pirate. So they go after the Straw Hats instead.

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