Gameforge announced on Facebook và Twitter today that the action MMORPG Guardians of Ember will be shutting down on February 14, 2020.

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Developed by the Taiwanese studio Runewaker, Guardians of Ember was first published in the West in 2016 by incelGames. Gameforge picked up the license and re-launched the game as a miễn phí lớn play title in January 2019. Unfortunately, Gameforge và Runewaker decided not to lớn renew the licensing agreement.

The official post states that as there are no other official servers available, there will be no character transfer option. Additional in-game currency can no longer be purchased, though players with an existing balance can continue khổng lồ use it until the final shutdown date of February 14, 20trăng tròn.

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Runewaker is the developer behind Runes of Magic và Dragon"s Prophet, both of which are still in operation.

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