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AU2 Mobile
DC Perfect
Auto lớn Perfect
April 30, 2021 (2 months ago)

Mod MenuAuto Dances Most Content; Almost Always Perfect on TaikoCrazy Mode Custom SliderMove sầu Speed Multiplier
If the player is a 9x generation, you will surely know the popularity of the once-famous game called Audition. This game soon became one of the most popular games of its time and has become a monument to this day. And if you want to relive sầu childhood memories, come to the game AU2 Mobile. This game is considered as an unofficial version but still gives players a lot of great experiences. From the feature for counting gameplay, all are not inferior lớn the original version of the game.

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The gameplay of this game, the player will still be similar to the previous versions of this game on the di động platform. If on the computer, the player needs to use the direction keys lớn play the game. But of course, on the phone, there is no mechanical keyboard lượt thích a laptop, so this game will replace the mechanical keyboard with the player’s screen. The style of gameplay has also been completely changed lớn be able lớn fit into the Smartphone platsize.

There will be bright spots appearing on the screen, & players need lớn touch them to lớn play the game. It sounds straightforward, right? But to lớn do that, players need lớn have sầu a swift reaction not to miss them. Because the time they appear is so short, in less than a second, if the player is not fast, they will disappear. If the player has missed even once, the tuy nhiên will not be perfect anymore.


In a match, the player will have to confront many other players to lớn compete for the first rank. This game does not have sầu too much competition, because the players coming khổng lồ this game are all lớn experience music and dance moves. So the rank in the game is just something that gives players the motivation to make the game good. So players bởi vì not need khổng lồ care about their rank in the game và just bởi vì well your best.

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In the game, there are many different types, not just a point for players to clichồng. They will appear continuously, and the player needs to lớn touch the correct position for the character in the game lớn dance. Sometimes in the game, there are some things that people need to lớn vị more than just touch the screen khổng lồ be able to lớn complete them. There are times when players need lớn press và swipe or press and hold; this will create more interesting things for players to lớn experience.




If it comes lớn what made the Audition name, music is one of the most important things. When coming to this game is similar to the original version. This game gives players a lot of the lathử nghiệm music for users lớn experience. The update tốc độ of the game is breakneông chồng & just released, the title will immediately update for players to experience.

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This game has a lot of different costumes for players lớn decorate their characters. Players can buy them in the store to lớn use, but that will cost a small price. The dresses and other costumes are designed unique và fashionable game, & players can even learn from them.

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