Honda Sh150I Abs Lucent Silver Metallic (2017) Exterior And Interior In 3D


Model updates: One of Europe’s most popular scooters gets an updated look and LED lighting, plus improved performance & EURO4 compliance. It also gains Hondomain authority Smart Key công nghệ and a larger glove box housing an DC charger.

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1 Introduction

2 Model overview

3 Key features

4 Accessories

5 Technical specifications


1. Introduction

Part of the million-selling SH family whose founding member, the SH50, went on sale in 1984, the four-stroke Honda SH150 first hit the market in Europe in 2001.

Ever since, for 15 years it has quietly & consistently gone about its mission khổng lồ provide stylish, fun and fuss-free transport – becoming one of the continent’s favourites along the way. That first machine laid down the blueprint for success: a frugal-natured but lively engine tied khổng lồ nimble, sure-footed handling underpinned by the stability that large diameter 16-inch wheels deliver – all delivered with elegant, premium styling.

Fuel injected with PGM-FI in 2005, over the last 11 years the SH150i has come to lớn represent the ultimate in urban transport with the perfect balance of style, reliability, economy & downright usability. And of course its story is one of constant, careful evolution reflecting the developing needs & expectations of owners and Honda’s desire khổng lồ keep on giving them an even better version of their SH. In 2013 it gained Honda’s eSP (enhanced Smart Power) low friction engine và Idling Stop technology, boosting both power delivery và fuel economy.

For 2017 the SH150i, manufactured at Honda’s Atessa factory in Italy, is renewed once more. It’s smarter và sharper, even more convenient to use and as cost effective as ever khổng lồ own and run. It could never be anything else – it is an SH, after all.


2. Model Overview

The unseen foundation of the 17YM SH150i remains unchanged – the tough, easy handling chassis và responsive, efficient engine – but thanks to lớn revised PGM-FI fuel injection overall performance is improved và the machine is now EURO4 compliant.

What is obviously new is the bodywork, which evolves further the trademark SH flowing curves. The front/rear lights are now LED và as all scooter riders know it’s the details that make all the difference – so the SH150i is now equipped with the Honda Smart Key system, plus a larger glove box with built-in charger.



3. Key Features

3.1 Styling và Equipment

Whatever direction the 17YM SH150i’s styling direction took it had to lớn remain true lớn the tried và tested SH formula – look great but be ready to work for the rider. And Honda’s team of engineers chose to lớn subtly build on the previous design’s organic shaping by deftly working more sinuous, rounded lines into the toàn thân front khổng lồ bachồng, adding a contemporary feel with even more premium presence. The distinctive headlight, taillight and position light are now also all LED.

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While its khung is changed, the SH150i’s overall function firmly revolves around its owner. A natural riding position, with excellent weather protection from the upright front portion of the toàn thân, ensures comfort và the flat floor gives a wide degree of freedom for foot placement và getting on & off the machine.

To make daily life onboard the SH150i that little bit more convenient it’s now fitted with the Hondomain authority Smart Key system. The Smart Key itself resides in the rider’s pocket và does away with the need lớn constantly insert & withdraw a key for ignition, fuel cap và seat. It has two switches: the smart function on/off & ‘answer back’, which flickers the indicators for identification from a distance.

With the Smart Key present one push of the machine-mounted main switch powers it up & makes it possible khổng lồ turn, giving the rider control of the ignition and steering loông chồng, và, via two rocker switches, the fuel cap và seat. It also illuminates when pushed – or from the answer back function of the Smart Key – with a blue light.

Up front the glove sầu box is larger in volume & also now houses a useful 12V charging socket – and of course the all-important utility hook secures bags safely. The 7.5L fuel tank gives a potential range of well over 300km.

The flat seat provides plenty of tư vấn and room to move sầu around và its carefully contoured shape, plus the slyên ổn floor, makes reaching the ground easy. As many journeys around town involve sầu a pillion there is plenty of room for two; retractable aluminium pillion footplates tuck away when not in use và provide a stable platform – especially under braking – when needed for the passenger.

A pair of helmet holders are placed either side at the front of the main under-seat storage area, which itself can accommodate a full-face helmet. The large rear carrier – made of super-tough resin – is ready for installation of the optional top box.

Easy to read analogue meters are used for both fuel và temperature gauges và the speedometer is a large, highly visible dial with a needle that sweeps through its entire arc when the ignition is switched on.


3.2 Engine

The SH150i’s engine is a compact, highly durable unit. It makes good power where scooter riders need it most, in the low khổng lồ mid-range area and is quiet in operation. Revised PGM-FI mapping gives peak power of 11kw/8,250rpm, with peak torque of 13.9Nm delivered

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