Hot girl 2001 maxim hot 100: list of maxim hotties of '01

Yes, there are still 987 more years in this particular millennium. But we've already made up our minds. We're saying right now: This is one of the top three hottest millennia ever. And we've already decided who the all-stars are. Yes, we're talking about Beyoncé, but we're not just talking about Beyoncé. We're talking the century of Mila Kunis, the historically significant period of the Ladies of Friday Night Lights, the era when Marisa Tomei showed us how hot 44 was and Megan Fox showed us how hot talking-robot alien cars were. Just think, in the 1900s we didn't even know what a sext was (thanks, Scarlett!), we'd never heard of Kate Upton or the Dougie, or the beautiful music they could make together. So, sure, it's still early, but it's not too early to obsessively catalogue's hotdemo women of the 2000s.

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January 15, 2013

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This century can be classified by Jessicas, và every year we were given the (hot) Jessica we deserved: Simpson when we were innocent & fun; Biel for when we wanted lớn marry Justin Timberlake; Paré when we wanted a newer, younger wife; Altía when we remembered which one was Jessica Alba; & Tandy (R.I.P.., Miss Daisy) when we couldn't remember if we were alive sầu anymore.


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Way bachồng when she was still on Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes played another small-town girl in Sam Raimi's supernatural murder mystery The Gift, only this time she sleeps with the whole small town. She has the same Joey Potter tics: head tilts, shoulder shrugs up, lips chew down inkhổng lồ a lopsided grin. But then she takes off her top, revealing her un-Joey-Potter-like breasts—such exquisitely, precisely breast-like breasts, the breasts you would think of if someone said the word breasts. She does this for Greg Kinnear, who plays the nice-seeming but secretly scummy guy because he's Greg Kinnear. We bet, after the auditing equipment has been put up on the shelf và the Sea Org servants are all asleep, Tom Cruise likes to cue up this scene. And every time topless Katie taunts Kinnear with a "Fuchồng you," Tom feels as if she's talking to lớn hyên ổn, & he thinks some terribly Greg Kinnearish things.—Mark Lotto


Zhang Ziyi

in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)


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Spousal Hot

The top five sầu danh sách, as dictated to you by your girlfriend

**1. Beyoncé **

"At least you & I can agree on her. I'd let you, if you had the chance. I wouldn't even be mad. She is gorgeous. And so svào và fierce! I think she và Jay-Z have a really equal relationship, you know? Why can't we work together like that?"

**2. Kristen Wiig **

"She's sooo funny! She sounds just lượt thích I vị when I'm out with my girlfriends. We are crazy when we're together. The last time we all went out, you just stared at your phone. I feel lượt thích you haven't really connected with them." 3. Michelle Obama "Look at those arms! She could power-lift a thousand Bloomingdale's bags with those arms. Put those arms on me và I could rule the world."

**4. Adele **

"When I listen khổng lồ Someone Like You,' I feel like she knew exactly how I felt the last time we broke up. That's beautiful lớn me, especially since that breakup was your fault."

**5. Kate Middleton **

"That wedding dress! Swoooon. She is pure class. How could you lượt thích Pippage authority better? Pippage authority is a whore."—Drew Magary

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