Hi everyone. In this blog, I’ll giới thiệu my settings with you và some notes regarding my Dota 2 config.

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AbilitiesQ, W, E, D, FR for quickcastAlt+Q, Alt+W, Alt+E, Alt+D, Alt+FAlt+R for regular cast.


I think quickcast is superior khổng lồ regular cast in almost every way since as the name goes it’s just simply quicker. However, having regular cast is very useful in some situations (targeting when heroes are stacked, casting aoe abilities you aren’t comfortable with etc.) so I like to have an option for both.


Same story for quickcast & regular cast here except that I have one dedicated hotkey for regular cast only for either tp or Forcestaff and one (`) for quickcast only since the game doesn’t allow alt+` khổng lồ be bound (or at least it didn’t when I first set it up). I use that key mainly for boots so regular cast is pretty much never needed.

Space, G, `, Z, X và last slot is empty for quickcast.Alt+Space, Alt+G, (Empty), Alt+Z, Alt+X and Alt+C for regular cast.

Unit Actions+Shop Options (Basic+Advanced)+Control Groups:


I’ll skip the mặc định ones here (Stop, Atttack etc).

Select Hero: 1Select All Controlled Units: Alt+1Select All Other Units: Alt+2Select Courier: TCourier Deliver Items: Alt+TPurchase Quickbuy: Mouse4Purchase Sticky: Mouse5Learn Ability: Empty, I use CTRL+KeyUpgrade Talent: F4Take Stash Items: F1Open Shop: F3Control Groups: 2-5 and Alt3-5. Having all units và all other units on Alt+1-2 allows me to have 2-5 as control groups which I think is very useful for micro intensive heroes (Lycan, Beast, Visage etc.). The Alt groups are mainly a relic from my times as a meepo player

Hotkey Options+Misc:

Not much to lớn be said about hotkey options, only ones I have enabled are “Quickcast On Key Down“, “Double Tap Ability to lớn Self Cast” & “Enable Advanced Quickcast/Autocast Hotkeys” which are pretty self-explanatory.

Smart Double Tap is a useful option but for me it’s useless since I’m already using Alt for most hotkeys.

Scoreboard: F2ConsoleF8

Game settings


Auto attack:

Standard. Think this is the optimal setting unless you are playing heroes that turning after casting abilities (due to autoattacking) is an issue for them such as Tinker and Earth Spirit (can’t think of any other anh hùng I’d turn autoattack off completely for). With this your anh hùng doesn’t autoattack but will attack after you’ve cast a spell or killed a unit with an attack.

Double Tap Ability lớn Self Cast​:

Wasn’t this already in the other page? Please, Valve..

Unified Orders With CTRL:

Doesn’t hurt but personally I don’t find it useful. Pretty much only useful for when you panic and forget your control groups (or in fact for Beastmaster hawk as its not included in the Control All Units option.)

Teleport Requires Hold/Spot:

This one is one of the best options in my opinion. It basically lets you shift-queue your action while tping without actually shift queuing (which would mean you cannot cancel the action without canceling the tp). Huge quality of life increase.

Channeled Abilities Require Hold/Stop:

Same idea. For example on Sand King you wann khổng lồ shift your blink during ulti then sometimes situation changes after you’ve done it và you are screwed since you can’t change it anymore. This would fix that. One again basically shift queuing without commitment. Also prevents the occasional fail of canceling your spells

Right Click to lớn Force Attack:

I use this. Makes denying in lane much easier. There are downsides though, for example following an allied nhân vật becomes a mission to lớn find the M button (suppose you could bind it khổng lồ an easier key to reach but that’s such an iconic key khổng lồ move..) and missclicking on an allied ward in a fight or in lane fucks up with your movement.

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Quick Attack:

Basically same as quickcast, just makes things slightly faster/easier & reduces strain on the hand.

Quick Move:




This mainly comes khổng lồ preference. Only options I’m using here are Extra Large Minimap and Use alt to show nhân vật icons which are once again pretty self-explanatory. I wouldn’t suggest using the Invert alt Toggle option, while it does make glancing at the minimap more informative in terms of hero positioning without having to memorize colors at the beginning of the game it means you can’t see the direction heroes are facing which is very important information. You can tell most of what’s happening in a teamfight just by seeing where the arrows are turning. It also tends to lớn cover up lanes so you can’t see the creeps.


I’ll just put a picture here. This is 100% down lớn preference so not much khổng lồ talk about.


I lượt thích to use hero Names instead of Player Names since I sometimes have issues properly communicating heroes names in the heat of the moment (ever had a guy yelling “focus.. That guy kill that moron~!” in a teamfight?).

Advanced options


Summoned Unit auto Attack:

Same as hero.

Disable Autoattack When Stop is Held & Toggle Autoattack Automatically:

I don’t use either, these are new options và I don’t have any issues my current autoattack settings so I never considered trying them. Could be useful.

Quickcast On Key Down:

I’m pretty sure I already enabled it in the hotkeys page.. Valve, please.

Smart Attack Move​:

That’s also a really great option. What it does is basically there is a little circle around your cursor & when you press Attack your nhân vật will attack the unit closest khổng lồ that cursor (instead of the unit closest to lớn your nhân vật when you press attack on the ground). It makes taking agro in lane much easier and you don’t get to see the ugly circle every time you click when you use quickcast.

Auto-repeat Right Mouse:

This has to lớn be the most helpful option. I honestly could not believe having to play without it now. Just give it a try if you aren’t using it, there are literally no downsides và it makes playing so much easier since you don’t have to lớn constantly spam mouse clicks.

The stuff I haven’t mentioned are options I don’t use và I don’t think are useful/harmful so I don’t see a point mentioning them.

One last thing is an option in Misc: “Dynamically Scale hero Icons in Minimap“, this one makes your minimap even more clean so you can get a lot more info out of it during messy teamfights.


I use the middle mouse button to lớn move camera so I don’t really use any of the settings here. When I used to edge pan I had tốc độ on max but that depends a lot on your sensitivity so nothing noteworthy here.

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