Htc Desire 10 Pro Review: Last Amongst The Best


Bringing premium design và flagship features to lớn the mid-range

Not yet rated ByJohn McCann20 September 2016

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Early Verdict

Điện thoại HTC looks khổng lồ have sầu a promising handphối on its hands. There"s loads of great tech packed inkhổng lồ the surprisingly premium polycarbonate toàn thân, and as long as the price is kept reasonable it"s a phone worth getting excited about.

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Release date và price

The HTC Desire 10 Pro will be available lớn order from November – which means you"ve sầu got some time to work out if it"s a phone you may want – but we"ve sầu been told it won"t be coming khổng lồ the UK.

As for how much the Desire 10 Pro will mix you bachồng, we"re still waiting to hear final confirmation from Điện thoại HTC, & this will dictate the potential success of the handphối.

What we vị know is that the Pro will be more expensive sầu than the Desire 10 Lifestyle – which may mean the Pro could be costlier than we"d lượt thích, as the Lifestyle is also marketed in the mid-range.

If the Taiwanese firm can keep the price down lớn the levels of the OnePlus 3 then the Desire 10 Pro will be an attractive, disruptive sầu presence in the market – but any higher & it could struggle against a number of cheaper, but just as feature-packed, rivals.

Design & display

The Điện thoại HTC Desire 10 Pro hasn"t inherited the premium metal unibody toàn thân design of the HTC 10, và we feel like we need khổng lồ get that out of the way ASAP – but not because it"s necessarily a bad thing, as the Desire 10 Pro is still a good-looking phone.

At the heart of the 10 Pro is a metal frame, ensuring that it feels sturdy in the h&, but the main toàn thân material is soft-touch polycarbonate, which delivers a pleasing cấp độ of grip & comfort.

Measuring 156.5 x 76 x 7.86mm, the Desire 10 Pro isn"t as tall or as wide as some handsets sporting a 5.5-inch display, but it"s still a noticeable presence in the palm, và requires two-handed operation for some tasks. It"s not overly heavy though, tipping the scales at 165g.

The phone is available in four colors: Stone Blaông xã, Royal Blue (dark blue), Valentine Lux (light blue) và Polar White, with all four options sporting gold tryên for a more premium finish – although on the lighter hues this looks a little excessive sầu.

On the baông xã, below the sizable camera sensor, you"ll find a fingerprint scanner that provides a secure, easy way khổng lồ unlochồng your handmix – although we don"t like the fact that it can"t be reached when the device is lying screen-side-up on our desk.

Still, this is the first time HTC has put a digit reader on a Desire phone, so the fact that it"s there at all is a good thing.

And for all those audio fans out there still reeling from the news that Apple has removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the good news is that Điện thoại HTC has kept it for the Desire 10 Pro.

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The company has even applied its BoomSound enhancement công nghệ to the jachồng, giving you better audio when listening via headphones, although you won"t get those enhancements when using the internal speakers – for that you"ll need the Pro"s sibling, the Điện thoại HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle.

The Điện thoại HTC Desire 10 Pro features a 5.5-inch 1080p display, which is bright & clear – ensuring videos and games look great. Colors aren"t quite as vibrant as we"ve sầu seen on Samsung"s Super AMOLED panels, but you"re unlikely to have sầu any issues day-to-day.

What"s it like lớn use?

Điện thoại HTC has packed plenty of power inkhổng lồ the Desire 10 Pro, with an octa-core chip at its heart capably supported by either 3GB or 4GB of RAM, depending on whether you opt for the 32GB or 64GB Model.

It"s unlikely that you"ll see both models available in your market, but don"t be downhearted if you "only" get the 3GB/32GB variant, as it will still paông chồng a punch. There"s a microSD slot too, allowing you to build on the internal space with cards up to 2TB in kích thước.

Even the lower-spec version of the Desire 10 Pro should be able lớn handle the latest games and applications from the Play Store, while Google"s Android Marshmallow operating system runs smoothly.

The Desire 10 Pro features the same Sense interface overlay as the HTC 10, allowing you to lớn customize your trang chính screens with various themes & stickers for a truly personal touch.


The Desire 10 Pro has the best camera Điện thoại HTC has ever put on a Desire handphối – to be precise, it"s got the same camera as the Điện thoại HTC One M9.

That means you"re looking at a 20MP snapper with an f/2.2 aperture, HDR and two-tone flash. In one respect the 10 Pro even betters the M9"s camera, as it adds laser autofocus. This should translate into lớn bright, clear và in-focus shots, and strong performance in low light – although the camera is unlikely to lớn match the snapper on the Điện thoại HTC 10.

During our brief hands-on time with the Desire 10 Pro the camera was quiông chồng, and results serviceable – although the device we were using wasn"t running final software, so we can expect some fine-tuning between now and when the phone launches in October.

Smartphone HTC has also redesigned its Pro Mode on the camera – an upgrade not even the HTC 10 has at the moment – with a trio of default settings including Macro and Sports, helping you tweak the various settings in an easier lớn underst& way.

This is great for those still trying to lớn get their heads around white balance, shutter speed and exposure values.

Around the front there"s a 13MPhường camera, which boasts an HDR mode and a selfie panorama mode, allowing you lớn get even more buddies inlớn your shots – that"s a far higher megapx count than the front snapper on the 5MP.. Smartphone HTC 10.

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