Messages On Ios 10: How To Use All The Crazy New Features

Apple's quả táo 10 was rolled out on Tuesday & although there were some snags, for many users it felt lượt thích an early holiday gift.

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Apple"s game ios 10 was rolled out on Tuesday and although there were some snags, for many users it felt like an early holiday gift they couldn"t wait lớn unwrap.

The operating system update is packed with a bunch of new features, but perhaps the most drastic change is in iMessages.

It"s fun — but it"s a lot to unpack. Here"s a look at how to play with some of the coolest new features in iMessages.

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Get Ready to lớn Scribble

Your iPhone touchscreen is now a canvas, allowing you khổng lồ personally scribble a message or spruce up a photo or clip with your artistic skills.

After opening iMessage, tap the icon showing a heart with two fingers. From there, create a personal message. You can also write on videos, even while you are recording. Click on the finger icon options on the right side lớn learn more about how you can showroom digital effect.

Some of Apple"s recommendations: Send a fireball by pressing with one finger, a kiss by tapping two fingers và a heartbeat by tapping and holding with two fingers.

Apple's tiện ích ios 10 allows you khổng lồ scribble personal messages & create a variety of digital effects.Take Over the Entire Screen

Telling a friend "Happy Birthday" sends balloons streaming across the screen, while "congratulations" will make it rain with confetti.

This may be the most fun you"ve ever had sending text messages. After choosing a photo or writing a message, hard press the blue arrow next lớn the message.

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You"ll be able lớn adjust the kích thước of your text bubble. A slam will make it fly onto the screen, while the gentle option will make it seem like a whisper. Invisible ink will cover your note, allowing the recipient khổng lồ swipe away with their finger & see what you sent, making it ideal for secret messages or revealing big news, such as an engagement.

Swipe left on that screen và you can choose from a variety of options, such as fireworks, balloons, strobe lights & a shooting star that will take over your friend"s entire screen when they xuất hiện your message.

Some users have reported issues with the invisible ink feature, which is likely due khổng lồ the "reduce motion" setting being enabled. Kiểm tra by going to lớn settings, general, accessibility and switch off "reduce motion" khổng lồ enjoy this feature.

Invisible ink is a new iMessages feature in ios 10 that allows users to send a message or photo that remains hidden until a swipe reveals it.Apple

This is a fun one for when you"re on the move & don"t have a lot of time to lớn reply. Press down on the last message you received & choose from six options, including a heart, thumbs up or down, haha, !!, or a ? mark.

Emoji might as well be a foreign language for some people, but táo bị cắn is making it more accessible with the game ios 10 update.

Write your message và before you send it, tap the emoji button lớn see the words you can change khổng lồ emoji. Tap the word và it will be changed before you send your message.

Apps for iMessage

Apple announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June it would also mở cửa the iMessage platform lớn developers, allowing them khổng lồ create next messaging experiences.

Click the tiện ích icon next khổng lồ the message screen. You can nói qua what you"ve been listening khổng lồ or find funny GIFs. Click the mix of four windows in the bottom right corner và then the + sign lớn be taken khổng lồ the ứng dụng store, where you can browse new phầm mềm experiences for iMessage.

Some of the featured apps include OpenTable, letting you share & vote on restaurants with friends before making a reservation. Square Cash & Venmo both let you send money through an iMessage, while Fandango will keep you và your pal posted on movie times & tickets. There are also a ton of options for quality sticker packs that can jazz up messages even more.

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