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* Gaming machines are specially engineered with the specific, demanding needs of the gaming audience in mind. From the fasdemo processors khổng lồ powerful, discrete graphics cards, they make every experience more intense & real.


Beat the heat: A hot máy tính won’t cut it. Meet the revolutionary cooling kiến thiết that allows the CPU & graphics to work at their full potential, without creating hotspots. Finding the optimal placement for the rear-exiting cooling vents and oversized dual cooling fans doesn’t just reduce the tín đồ noise, it also pushes heat away from you và your laptop.

Game-ready design and components.

Enhance your gaming.

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Lights khổng lồ enlighten your gameplay: The backlit keyboard helps you see your keys more easily in the dark. Exp& your potential: A massive sầu service bay door makes it easy to lớn insert upgrades over time. Modify for more: While many configurations come with 8 lớn 16GB of memory, this system is able khổng lồ tư vấn up to lớn 32GB of DDR4 memory that you can easily add later.
1.Combo Jack (Headset/Mic) | 2.USB 3.0 port | 3.USB 3.0 Powerchia sẻ port | 4.HDMI | 5.Gigabit Ethernet | 6.Noble Loông chồng Security Slot | 7.Power nguồn | 8.USB 3.0 port | 9.Media Card Reader
1. Height: 1.00 " (25.44mm) | 2. Width: 15.15 " (384.9mm) | 3. Depth: 10.82 " (274.73mm) | Weight: Starting at 5.76lbs (2.62Kg)
Experience high-performance sound in a comfortable, lightweight headbvà and over-ear headset kiến thiết with breathable, soft-leather ear cups. Plus, an omnidirectional microphone provides clear communication.View Details
Plug this low profile, lightweight drive into your laptop’s USB port and you"ll be ready to play your favorite, compatible PC games. You can also copy or play your DVDs or CDs.
Designed for comfort, this stylish, laser mouse offers dual-mode wireless for fast switching between Universal Pairing & Bluetooth không dây LE.
Red accents and reflective detailing make this backpaông chồng stvà out from the rest. Designed with plenty of space for all your gaming accessories, including a tai nghe holder và room for a gaming keyboard.
Get 24x7 tư vấn with everything from setting up your new system lớn using everyday software.* With new features like SupportAssist, our experts will actually contact you if they detect an issue.* And if we can solve sầu your issues remotely, we’ll sover a technician lớn your location. It’s the hassle-free help you deserve.
Minimize the unplanned expenses and downtime by protecting you against unforeseen mishaps caused by drops, spills, surges và breaks.*
15.6-inch FHD (19đôi mươi x 1080) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display15.6-inch UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
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