Các Lựa Chọn Thay Thế Để Invision Là Gì, Invision Là Gì


This article provides answers for InVision V6

To confirm your version, kiểm tra the upper right corner of your dashboard. On V7? Cheông chồng out this article instead.

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You can create a public nội dung link for your InVision prototypes, freehands, và boards.

Sharing prototypes

To create a URL cốt truyện or public tóm tắt links for your prototype:

Sign in lớn your InVision trương mục & navigate khổng lồ theDocumentspage.Locate the prototype & cliông xã the Share button.Cliông chồng public share link at the bottom of the modal lớn copy the link to your clipboard.

People who receive sầu your public mô tả link only have the ability to lớn view, interact (clichồng through), và leave sầu comments on prototypes via that nói qua link và cannot otherwise see the prototype.

They cannot leave sầu comments via the Mobile app or via website view from their di động device at this time.

You also have the option to lớn first adjust mặc định settings for your public chia sẻ liên kết by clicking Link Settings at the bottom of the modal. Take a deeper dive into lớn sharing settings here.

Find out how to lớn nội dung a specific screen (or screens) here.

To hide the InVision logo and UI buttons while viewing a prototype via a mô tả links, the viewer (or presenter) can use this keyboard shortcut: Commvà + Shift + .

Sharing freehands

To tóm tắt your freehand:

Sign in to lớn your InVision account and navigate lớn theDocumentspage.mở cửa the freehand you want lớn mô tả.At the top right of the page, cliông chồng the Share button.Cliông xã the dropdown arrow and mix the permissions toCan editorCan view only.

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Only the freehand owner can edit giới thiệu settings.

Cliông chồng Copy Link.

Freeh& links viewers will be listed in the Share modal. Clichồng the dropdown next khổng lồ their name to lớn change their document permissions or lớn remove sầu them.

Sharing Enterprise freehands

If you"re on the V6 Enterprise plan, the Share modal looks a bit different.

You can add people by name, & click the Settings link lớn access additional liên kết sharing settings:

Anyone with the linkAnyone at with the linkPeople invited

You can also add password protection for guests accessing these liên kết.


Sharing boards

To create a URL chia sẻ or public share links for your board:

Navigate to lớn your InVision dashboard và open the board you"d like to nói qua.Clichồng the Share inhỏ at the top right of your board.Copy the liên kết khổng lồ begin sharing with others.

To mô tả a specific thắng lợi from your board, hover over the thành phầm and click the cốt truyện ibé (

). You can then copy the URL & tóm tắt it with others. Anyone accessing that links will only be able to lớn view that specific board tác phẩm.

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