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năm 2016 IWC All-Star teams

Here’s a first look at the teams who are in Barcelona getting ready to begin the All-Star mayhem!

It’s getting closer lớn the 2016 IWC All-Star event where we will see 8 IWC teams battle it out for glory và for a chance to represent their region in the 2016 All-Star Event. Fans from around the world voted for their favourite players to trang điểm their IWC All-Star event teams. Here’s a first look at the teams who are in Barcelona getting ready to lớn begin the All-Star mayhem!

Each regional All-Star team will be placed into Team Fire or Team Ice, which has been determined by seeding: The top 4 IWCQ teams received a first seed and the next 4 teams received a second seed. Team Fire & Team Ice each have 2 first và 2 second seed teams.

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Get ready to lớn turn up the heat and start a fire with BRA, TUR, JP và SEA.

Stars of the region, Revolta and Kami meet once again along with players who didn’t have the honor of representing their region in an All-Star tournament before. Those two names will no doubt try their hardest to lớn lead the region and their team to lớn victory!


2015 was total heartbreak for the team và the fans for Turkey. With no one making it through the 2nd round of the 1v1 tournament, Turkey lost the IWCA 2015 title with a 10 point difference. Looking to lớn change their unfortunate fate, the team is back with two new players. All eyes will be on Dumbledoge who has made a name for himself in the international scene, also known for his diverse champion pool.


The Japanese roster has one of the biggest changes compared to lớn the rest of the Wildcard regions. However one thing still remains the same: Ceros, their power midlaner. He’ll be joined alongside 3 new players to bring nhật bản victory.


Coming into this tournament as actual All-Star champions, the SEA team was formed through a GPL All-Star sự kiện that brought in teams from 6 different countries to compete against each other. Raising the success bar for their home region since năm ngoái IWCQ, SEA is looking khổng lồ bring trang chủ first international trophy of 2016.



With frost so cold they’ll freeze the heat right out of their opponents it’s Team Ice: CIS, LAN, LAS & OCE.

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After Albus NoX’s incredible performance at Worlds, all eyes will be on the CIS team. Kira and Smurf will be fighting strong alongside legendary support, Edward this year. While Likkrit still remains a fan-favourite from Worlds, he’ll be cheering on from home as his teammates secured the đứng top two available spots from ANX. Last year’s champion, CIS, is again one of the favorites this year.


With their surprising performance at IWCQ, Lyon Gaming’s home region will aim to surprise us once again. Hosting players from 3 different countries, one name is easy lớn notice, Seiya. With his performance in the 1v1 finals at năm ngoái IWCA, the Mexican mid laner is looking to lớn give it another go this year.


Veterans and rookies! The LAS line up mixes in the old & new alike. Their roster has a more sentimental side this year as the two fan picked players, ClatoS and Bear will be playing their final pro scene games in IWCA. Surely LAS crew will fight hard khổng lồ make this a memorable farewell.


Last years hosts, will lay down the burden of representing their region in their home town và show their true potential in Barcelona. Another player who will be saying goodbye to the pro scene with this tournament is Raydere, sharing the stage with his old teammates.


With only a few days left to lớn go, we’re getting ready to watch some fierce IWC All-Star event action on December 1-4! For more information be sure to kiểm tra out the main event page and prepare khổng lồ scream for your regions as they start their All-Star journey.

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