This is a concurrent đánh giá of two DACs, the famous "O2 DAC" by Nwavguy from our neck of the woods & the E10K Olympus 2 from Fiio. They both use the TI PCM5102 DAC cpu so makes for an interesting comparison.Retail price for the JDSLabs version of the O2 DAC is $149 through Amazon:

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While the ODAC is quite sparse package with just a USB connector & 3.5mm output, the Fiio E10 has a tai nghe amplifier with both bass boost và gain settings, plus a S/PDIF coax output. They are both quite small & fit in your hand so are great portable solutions to take on the road if needed.Construction quality on the outside is good and a small step above cheezy DIY packages from other companies.SoftwareI simply plugged in both units và Windows 10 Creator"s Edition on my máy vi tính nicely recognized both & created the WASAPI kết thúc point which I used in Roon in exclusive mode. Roon Reported the correct sample rates for ODAC which was 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96Khz.Oddly, the Fiio E10K only advertises 44.1, 48 và 96 KHz, missing 88.2 KHz! Not sure why it doesn"t show that sample rate as I am confident the built-in DAC cpu supports it. Could be a firmware bug in which case, Fiio should address.Both units worked reliably inside Roon which was nice. They did not require any of the hacks lớn make them operational such as not using event driven mode in WASAPI that some DACs require.MeasurementsLet"s dive right in with our J-test signal lớn see levels of noise & spurious signals around our main tone of 12 Khz:

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Again, our Topping D30 pulls way ahead with higher output (due lớn its use of external nguồn supply) and lower harmonic distortions than both of the other DACs.At the other extreme, the Fiio 10 Khz has harmonic distortion that keeps going & going! Now these are at very low levels but why???The ODAC finishes in the middle of the pack. It has good 5 to 10 db higher noise floor than the Topping D30 but overall it is cleaner than E10K has harmonic order increases.For low màn chơi linearity test, we use a -90 db sine wave at 24 bits/44.1 Khz:

What we are looking for is a clean sine wave. The Topping D30 and ODAC are very close lớn each other. The Fiio E10K however, has lower output which makes it more susceptible lớn noise pollution and more up and down jumps so definitely less cleaner than the other two.Headphone Listening
I did not have time to vì a listening chạy thử through the line out from these two DACs. Instead, I tested them with different headphones direct from their output. In the case of Fiio E10K, I used its front headphone output đầu ra rather than the rear line out.Here, the Fiio E10K pulled way ahead. It is able khổng lồ get at least twice as loud as the ODAC, able lớn drive even my difficult load of Sennheiser HD650. Its đầu ra never gets distorted by the volume control levels out at 70-80% of its maximum setting. Turning it up further seemed to bởi nothing. At max volume, the output was loud enough but not uncomfortable. In that regard, more power could be had.In comparison the ODAC was rather anemic. Yes, you could listen to lớn it but just not at loud enough levels.The winner here is clearly the Fiio E10K.SummaryFrom pure objective point of view, the winner here is the Topping D30. It is cheaper than the ODAC, has far better feature phối including tư vấn for such things as DSD. In that regard, I can"t recommend the ODAC. Maybe at the time Nwavguy thought of it, it was good but time has past & newer entrants even from budget sources easily outperform it.Likewise, the Fiio E10K easily outpaces the JDSLabs ODAC because of its inclusion of tai nghe amplifier. It is also half the price. So another recommended choice! If you need a little DAC & headphone for very little money, the Fiio E10K Olympus 2 is my current choice.
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