The ultimate battle of vi vs jinx


Siblings don’t come up often in our comparisons, but Netflix’s Arcane, an adaptation based on the League of Legends lore, gave us the perfect opportunity to vì chưng a comparison of two siblings, in this case, two sisters. The focus of today’s comparison are going to be Jinx & her sister Vi, two well-known League of Legends heroines who have become even more famous thanks to lớn Arcane. In this article, we are going lớn tell you which sister is the stronger one.

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Vi is stronger than Jinx, regardless of whether you’re considering Arcane or League of Legends. In Arcane, Vi seems to lớn be significantly stronger than Jinx, while the difference in League of Legends is not that big, but Vi remains the stronger among the two siblings here.

Unlike most of our comparisons, this one is going lớn be divided into two sections. The first one is going to lớn elaborate on the given answer from the perspective of the Arcane series, while the other is going to do the same from the perspective of the League of Legends video game.

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Jinx vs Vi: Who is stronger in Netflix’s Arcane?
Jinx vs Vi: Who is stronger in the League of Legends game?

Jinx vs Vi: Who is stronger in Netflix’s Arcane?

Now, in order to properly compare these two characters, we have to give you a bit of context in case you haven’t seen the show (or played the game, in case of the next section) và introduce the two heroines before we give our final verdict. We’ll start off with Jinx.

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Base Stats:

Health: 585+85Mana: 295+65Health Regeneration (per 5s): 10+1Mana Regeneration (per 5s): 8+0.65Armor: 30+3.5Attack Damage: 63+3Magic Resistance: 32+1.25Critical Damage: 175%Movement Speed: 340Attack Range: 125

Nothing is more satisfactory for Vi, the new champion of the League. Punching, using excessive force, & destroying armor are part of her daily life. Perfectly at trang chủ on the đứng đầu lane or in the jungle, Vi likes lớn pound her opponents with his fists, smashing their armor in the process. Vi’s signature punch is Vaultbreaker.

When you activate it for the first time, Vault Breaker begins by charging a powerful punch. When you activate Vault Breaker a second time, Vi rushes forward, dealing damage khổng lồ units và knocking back enemy champions.

Early in the game, Vi is good at mistreating opponents while pushing her way with Chest Breaker và Excessive Force AoE damage. Using Excessive Force correctly allows you khổng lồ quickly clear your way while harassing opponents who attempt to approach to finish off the minions.

Now, the stats are pretty much clear here and the players will probably know the outcome – Vi is also stronger in the League of Legends video game. The difference is not that big as the one within the Arcane series, but still, Vi would win more than 1/2 of their battles based on the stats we have about the two characters.

This, ultimately, shows that Vi is overall the stronger of the two characters and that Arcane did respect the lore of the original game. It added some details lớn the interaction between Vi & Jinx, but ultimately, it respected their powers & the balance between the two.

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