“Heart Signal Season 1” car racer contestant Seo Joo Won will be tying the knot with Model and television personality Klặng Min Young.

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“Heart Signal” is a dating reality show where four men & four women live in one house for 30 days. During their month of living together, they are given missions and text each other anonymously. Celebrity panelists also participate by figuring out who has feelings for whom.

On September 28, a source from the wedding company in charge of the couple’s wedding stated, “Seo Joo Won and Kim Min Young will be getting married on November 11, in a private ceremony in Seoul.”

The company also released photos from their thắm thiết wedding photo shoot. The couple posed, showing off their affection for each other. In one of the photos, the couple did a road-themed photo lớn shoot, with Seo Joo Won wearing his racing unikhung & Kim Min Young holding a helmet.

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Seo Joo Won shared, “After ‘Heart Signal Season 1’ ended, I got drinks with Super Junior’s Shindong và lyricist Kim Eana. I was asked who my igiảm giá type was, & I told them I only had one real person who fit my igiảm giá type, & that was Kyên Min Young. I followed her on social truyền thông since I was in high school, and I was a fan.”

He continued, “Shindong & Kim Eana said they knew her, so fortunately they introduced me lớn her. After meeting a few times, I invited her khổng lồ my last racing competition in 2017. Afterwards, we naturally started our relationship. Her personality was the opposite of what I had heard. She was very warm to lớn me, & I fell for her deep respect & the way she accepted me. That’s how I decided khổng lồ marry her.”

Kyên Min Young remarked, “Because my soon-to-be husband is younger than me, I didn’t expect to lớn get married. I thought that even if we did get married, it would be much further in the future. But as we deeply loved each other, and our parents loved & supported us, we naturally decided khổng lồ get married. Though I’m still lacking a lot, I want khổng lồ be a good wife. I want to lớn always have sầu fun và be happy with hyên ổn.”

Not only will Seo Joo Won be continuing his racing career, he will also be opening a restaurant in October. Kyên ổn Min Young will also continue her activities as a Model, as well as opening a weight management center và launching her cosmetics brand.

Seo Joo Won made his debut as a racer in 2008 through cart racing. Since then, he became the youngest Korean cart racing champion in 2010, and also became the first Korean champion in Japanese cart racing series in 2013. Kim Min Young made her debut 10 years ago, và has been active sầu as a beauty and fitting mã sản phẩm, as well as on various game shows. The couple has a three-year age difference.

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