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Process System EngineeringSimulation và OptimizationModeling & Dynamic OptimizationUncertainty Quantification
YearNitrogen self-recuperation expansion-based process for offshore coproduction of liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, và pentane plus
452019Design optimization of single mixed refrigerant LNG process using a hybrid modified coordinate descent algorithm
432018A novel self-heat recuperative dividing wall column lớn maximize energy efficiency and column throughput in retrofitting & debottlenecking of a side stream column
422015Optimization of modified single mixed refrigerant process of natural gas liquefaction using multivariate Coggin’s algorithm combined with process knowledge
292016Dual mixed refrigerant LNG process: Uncertainty quantification và dimensional reduction sensitivity analysis
282019Feasibility study of environmental relative humidity through the thermodynamic effects on the performance of natural gas liquefaction process
282018Optimal design of advanced distillation configuration for enhanced energy efficiency of waste solvent recovery process in semiconductor industry

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282015Novel retrofit designs using a modified coordinate descent methodology for improving energy efficiency of natural gas liquid fractionation process
242016Energy efficiency improvement of dimethyl ether purification process by utilizing dividing wall columns
222012Global sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification of crude distillation unit using surrogate mã sản phẩm based on Gaussian process regression
182016Intensification of the ethylbenzene production process using a column configured with a side reactor
152018A cost-effective retrofit of conventional distillation sequence to lớn dividing-wall prefractionator configuration
142018Uncertainty quantification and global sensitivity analysis of complex chemical processes with a large number of input đầu vào parameters using compressive polynomial chaos
142016A two-stage approach of multiplicative dimensional reduction and polynomial chaos for global sensitivity analysis & uncertainty quantification with a large number of process …
82017Purification step enhancement of the 2, 3-butanediol production process through minimization of high pressure steam consumption
72020Design of an extractive distillation column for the environmentally benign separation of zirconium & hafnium tetrachloride for nuclear nguồn reactor applications
62015Grid-search-and-box-search-assisted coordinate descent methodology for practical retrofit of the existing distillation columns lớn dividing wall columns
52018Retrofit of Side Stream Columns to Dividing Wall Columns, with Case Studies of Industrial Applications
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