Leeco le pro 3 review: pro or no go?

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Quiông xã verdict

The LeEco Le Pro 3 is super affordable & does the job. But, oye, that Le bloatware.Read full verdict

For Aluminium unitoàn thân design Qualcomilimet SnapLong 821 processor Long-lasting battery Stereo speakers sound great
Against LeEco bloatware & services means the software is a mess No tai nghe jachồng Slow camera experience isn't great

(binhkhipho.vn) - LeEco, the Chinese company that dabbles in everything from self-driving cars lớn Vizio-branded televisions, seems like it"s trying to be a one-stop siêu thị of sorts in the tech world.

So, naturally, it also does smartphones. The LeEteo Le Pro 3 being its premier offering, which looks a lot lượt thích the OnePlus 3 (just kiểm tra out those antenna lines & the lens at the top).

Having handled the Le Pro 3 for a number of months, how does LeEteo fare in a market that"s already full of affordable Android phones?

LeEco Le Pro 3 review: Design

Aluminium, unibody with brushed-metal finishRear fingerprint readerNo tai nghe jackUSB Type-C charging portStereo speakers

The Le Pro 3 is a metal-bodied phone with a brushed-metal finish that has a super glossy feel khổng lồ it - almost as though it has a protective covering. There"s a fingerprint reader on the baông xã, too, but it may take a bit of time lớn find because of the glossy material.

Elsewhere, there"s a power button on the right edge, with volume positioned above it; the top has an IR port & mic opening; the bottom has a secondary speaker & USB Type-C port. There"s also a nanoSIM card slot found on the left side.

The entire 5.5-inch device feels super weighty given its solid unibody toàn thân construction. The angled edges, which have a different finish than the outdated brush-metal thiết kế you see all over, give sầu a smooth finish.

You won"t find a tai nghe jaông chồng anywhere, because lượt thích iPhone 7, the Le Pro 3 has ditched the port, meaning you have sầu to use an adapter if you plan lớn use regular "ole headphones with this phone.

LeEteo Le Pro 3 review: Display

5.5-inch IPS display (19trăng tròn x 1080 resolution)Adjustable colours, scale view, & DPIThichồng bezels

The Le Pro 3 has a sharp display. And because it"s IPS you"ll be able to see it clearly in daylight & from all manner of angles.

The resolution isn"t near its higher-over Quad HD (2560 x 1440 resolution) competitors, but it"s not a huge issue. Funnily enough you can adjust the scale view & DPI (dots per inch) khổng lồ be lower, in order to save battery life.

However, in our opinion, the colours by mặc định aren"t very bright or saturated. If you"d lượt thích a bit of vibrancy, there is a vivid mode you can enable within the settings.

But enough about the panel itself, let"s talk about those bezels. They"re hard to lớn miss. We think they make this phone look more budget than it actually is. Still, at this price, you can"t complain.

LeEteo Le Pro 3 review: Hardware

4GB RAM base mã sản phẩm (6GB option)32GB, 64GB, or 128GB storage (no microSD)

The Snaprồng 821 processor on board is plenty powerful và helps the Le Pro 3 khổng lồ stand alongside other 821-packers, such as the Google Pixel & OnePlus 3T. Therefore everyday tasks like launching the camera will seem smooth và fast. There just isn"t any noticeable stuttering or lag.

However, the 4GB RAM base Le Pro 3 Mã Sản Phẩm, while decent for most, might not be enough for power users. They"ll want the 6GB Mã Sản Phẩm instead.

In terms of other hardware, the sound from those dual speakers is great for watching YouTube videos or playing games. The audio coming out of the phone is pretty impressive, to lớn say the least. It really helps make up for the missing tai nghe jaông chồng. You"ll want lớn use wireless headphones with the phone, unless you feel lượt thích carrying around an adapter that you"ll inevitably thất bại.

It"s worth noting that - for some reason - the Công nghệ Bluetooth connection on the Le Pro 3 seems really unstable. Our device had trouble connecting to and finding the few Bluetooth speakers we own to the point where we wanted to lớn chuông xã the phone across the room. But, we didn"t. Almost, though… almost.

Another annoying point is the rear fingerprint reader. Maybe we"re spoiled, thanks to lớn the rear readers found on the OnePlus, Pixel và newer Nexus devices, but we just couldn"t get LeEco"s reader khổng lồ recognise our finger tips on several occassions. We re-added our prints và everything. It just pales in comparison to lớn what other Android phones can offer.

And finally, you"ll get 32GB of storage with the base mã sản phẩm of the Le Pro 3. You"ll probably want the 64GB or 128GB options, because without expandable storage, you"ill need to lớn ensure you have sầu plenty of space for applications và more.

LeEteo Le Pro 3 review: Camera

16-megapx rear sensor (with 4K video)8-megapx front sensor (with Beauty mode)

The Le Pro3 has a 16-megapx main shooter capable of 4K video recording. It also has a few different modes lớn choose from, while the front-facing camera comes with a mặc định beauty mode that smooths the wrinkles in your selfies. We think it"s a bit much.

Taking pictures in general is a little irritating. The ứng dụng isn"t very fast. The saving time after you snap a pholớn seems khổng lồ take a couple seconds too long. Flicking through the different modes và features is fine, though.

Photos themselves are fairly decent, though, with a good cấp độ of detail if you"re shooting in good lighting conditions. In dyên ổn situations, expect image noise to lớn rear its head.

Problem is getting the camera lớn work proficiently: it just doesn"t autofocus well, often failing to focus. Compared lớn the Pixel and OnePlus 3, the Le Pro 3 is nowhere near.

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nguồn users will want more speed in the phầm mềm, as well as the ability to take better shots in a variety of conditions, but for a sub-$400 handmix, you"d be hard-pressed to find a superior camera experience.

LeEco Le Pro 3 review: Battery

4,079mAh battery (not removable)

With a capacious battery on board - more capacity than any other flagship we can think of, including the Huawei Mate 9 - the Le PRo 3 should be able to go the distance.

It"s not removable from the body, but we think that would break up the design. It"s not necessary anyway, as this LeEco has an excellent battery life.

It lasted through a full day of Facebooking, Twittering, YouTubing, and gaming - about 16 hours (whereas our iPhone 7 doesn"t even come cthảm bại to lớn that).

LeEteo Le Pro 3 review: Software

Too many Le-branded servicesBloatware duplicates many Google servicesGimmicky hooks lớn get you inlớn LeEco ecosystem

Before we get too deep: let"s just say right off the bat that LeEco"s user interface - named "EUI", which is built upon Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow và looks similar to lớn other Chinese operating systems - is probably what"s at fault when it comes khổng lồ any hiccups or weirdness you may experience on this phone. It"s the device"s weak links.

There"s no tiện ích drawer (for now - an update is rolling out, which will add an ứng dụng drawer), but instead, you get a few different features and settings. You"ll find quick settings above the recent apps screen, và the notification shade only displays notifications along with a huge button on the bottom to lớn manage your notifications.

You"ll also see lots of ties to lớn LeEco"s services as well as partnerships with networks such as SeeSo và Showtime, but those require paid subscriptions lớn the EcoPass, which uses a digital currency called EcoPoints. You can also use EcoPoints rather than cash toward purchasing things in the LeEco"s LeMall.

The mặc định EUI thiết đặt makes the centre on-screen button launch the Live app rather than app drawer. It takes you inkhổng lồ a landscape orientation with a screen of Clip nội dung ranging from movie channels khổng lồ sports. As for the task switcher, it"s labeled Control Center, & you can customise what appears at the top under settings.

There are also several duplications with Google products, which make things on the Le Pro 3 seem like a total mess. For instance, you can sign up for the LeCloud option, which will sync your contacts, messages, Hotline history, browser history, Wi-Fi access points, photos, videos, and more. No thanks.

Although LeEco"s utilities và services are everywhere on the Le Pro3, you can customise several aspects as well as install third-party launchers lớn significantly change from the default experience. We installed the Google Now launcher, so when we press the LeEco hình ảnh center button, it launches Google Now or whatever you have sầu thiết đặt.
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The average user will be overwhelmed by the Le Pro 3, especially because the internet doesn"t yet seem lớn have sầu a lot of tutorials to lớn guide you. There seems to lớn be Le-branded products, services, và features everywhere, each of which copy Google products or attempt lớn get you hooked into LeEco"s ecosystem, but it"s just too much - even for us.

Basically this software experience is confusing.


The LeEteo Le Pro 3 is an affordable phone with potential. Consider its aluminium unibody toàn thân kiến thiết, the beefy SnapLong 821 chip, long-lasting battery, và great-sounding stereo speakers và there"s plenty to lớn praise.

But it"s also just plain aggravation-inducing. The software is a mess. The bezels are huge. The competition from OnePlus is strong at a similar price.

Ultimately, you"ll have to lớn decide if it is worth it. If, however, you are part of the LeMall và the Le ecosystem then you can get the Le Pro 3 on sale (about $100 discount) which may be even more enticing.

Overall the Le Pro 3 is just too much LeEteo & not enough Android. It needs a faster camera experience, lighter body toàn thân, better display and a liông chồng of extra polish.

There"s potential, but right now we"re erring towards "no go" rather than "Pro".

The alternatives lớn consider...

OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 3T is a brilliant điện thoại thông minh, regardless of the bump in price. Its build chất lượng and thiết kế is up there with the best of them, it has a vibrant & punchy display and a battery that can last practically all day on a 30 minute charge. There"s very little to criticise.

Read the full review: OnePlus 3T review: The best mid-price phone, now with Nougat sweetness

Google Pixel

If money is no object và all you"re interested in is the latest & absolute best Android experience around, you"ll struggle khổng lồ get anything better than a Pixel or Pixel XL. They"re loaded with the brand new version of Android Nougat, have fantastic cameras and smooth snappy performance.

Read the full review: Google Pixel review: Android at its best

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