How To Register To Download Lineage 2


Lineage 2: Revolution Vietphái nam version implements a pre-game registration program lớn receive sầu valuable & attractive sầu gifts from the manufacturer.

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Lineage 2: Revolution is a MMORPG (Mobile) game that will officially launch Vietnamese players on July 31st. And the manufacturer is deploying the registration program to tải về the previous game lớn receive sầu many attractive rewards & various incentives.

In this second version, the graphics system is implemented by Unreal Engine 4, still demonstrating top unique for Lineage series on Mobile platforms. In terms of nội dung, there are many more diverse development features, such as Dungeon Tinch Anh and Dungeon Herbal, and many paths khổng lồ strengthen. Let"s see which attractive rewards will belong lớn you when you sign up for previous game Lineage 2 Revolution.

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Register to tải về game Lineage 2: Revolution

Players access the homepage of Lineage 2: Revolution in the following liên kết khổng lồ join the program

At the interface khổng lồ enter the phone number then press Previous registration below. After registering, the player will receive sầu 500 Red Diamonds & 150,000 Adena.


In addition, we can also register on Google Play Store by clicking Pre-registration on Google Play . When registering on Google Play Store users will have the opportunity lớn receive sầu 200 red Diamonds.

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Or you can clichồng on the links below.

Lineage2 Revolution Vietnam

In the interface cliông chồng on the Pre-Register khổng lồ register to download the game first.

When the message appears as shown below, the registration process was successful. When the game is released the user will receive sầu a notification from the manufacturer.


Currently the number of gifts that gamers register to lớn tải về games Lineage 2: Revolution Vietnamese version will include red diamonds and gold coins. Not knowing when the game will be released you will have sầu a chance lớn get more valuable items, so hurry up & download Lineage 2: Revolution game.

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