Mi Android 12 Developer Preview Program

Xiaomi is looking for more people to kiểm tra MIUI 12 beta builds. This time, the company has opened its MIUI 12 beta program to devices enrolled on the Russian branch of MIUI. 29 devices are eligible to join; the deadline for doing so is April 15.

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Earlier this month, mi opened its ngươi Pilot testing program lớn 21 devices across several MIUI branches. While these included the company"s global & Indian branches, there were no spots available for Xiaomi"s Russian fans. The danh sách included representatives from the POCO sub-brand too, Xiaomi"s flagship ngươi series & ten Redmi-branded handsets.

Now, mi is allowing people with Russian handsets lớn join its MIUI 12 beta program. In a blog post, xiaomi has confirmed that 29 devices are eligible khổng lồ participate, such as the mi 10T series, the POCO F2 Pro và devices from the Redmi note 7, 8, 9 & 10 series. You can kiểm tra if your device is running Russian firmware by heading to lớn the About Phone section of Settings và reading the build number. If it contains the characters RU, then your device is eligible khổng lồ join the program.

If you are interested in doing so, then you can apply here. Please note that xiaomi requires your ngươi ID và IMEI before it will enrol your device. If mi accepts your application, then you can find beta builds in its corresponding Telegram channel. Applications are mở cửa until April 15, 2021. The 29 eligible devices are as follows:

Mi 10Mi 10TMi 10T ProMi 9Mi 9 LiteMi 9 SEMi 9TMi 9T ProMi lưu ý 10Mi chú ý 10 LitePOCO F2 ProPOCO M3POCO X3 NFCRedmi 7Redmi 7ARedmi 8Redmi 8ARedmi 9Redmi 9ARedmi 9CRedmi 9C NFCRedmi 9TRedmi lưu ý 10 ProRedmi lưu ý 7SRedmi lưu ý 8Redmi lưu ý 8 ProRedmi chú ý 8TRedmi cảnh báo 9Redmi cảnh báo 9S
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