Mobiistar is in the process of getting on board a partner lớn manage after sales service and could cater to lớn up lớn 750 locations initially.

India will soon have sầu another điện thoại thông minh br&, và this time it will, strangely, be from Vietnam giới.

Bạn đang xem: Vietnamese smartphone brand mobiistar to launch phones in india this month

India will soon have another điện thoại thông minh brvà, & this time it will, strangely, be from Vietphái nam. But Mobiistar, a brvà which has been selling smartphones since 2009, is not coming in without a plan. Mobiistar Group CEO Carl Ngo is looking at India because is has the size that everyone wants lớn be in. “Despite being the biggest feature phone & second largest smartphone market, it is still growing,” he adds. “India offers kích thước, growth & potential.”

Ngo has spotted some need gaps in the market and studied how the supply chain works. “I think we can offer something better,” says the man who worked for cđại bại to lớn a decade with Sony Ericsson on Vietnam giới. He sees a clear opportunity in the $100 price range. “We can offer a better price to spec ratio and user experience in this range,” he says, showing a bunch of Android phones, all of which sport dual front cameras.

Ngo is convinced selfies can be a huge selling point for smartphones in India, & with his new devices he will offer an extra wide-angle lens to bởi this better. Ngo has not finalised a launch date for the Mobistar brvà in India & just says it is a few weeks away. However, he is sure that the initial two models will be online only. “We will then go offline, after evaluating the market. We will go pan-India, but in phases,” he added.

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Mobiistar is in the process of getting on board a partner khổng lồ manage after sales service & could cater to up lớn 750 locations initially. And Mobiistar’s expansion is not limited lớn India. Ngo is eyeing the GEC for his next màn chơi of growth. & stay updated with the lademo headlines

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