End Of Evangelion: 10 Major Differences Between The Anime và Movie's Endings End of Evangelion served as a way to lớn wrap up the series, but it ended up being quite different from the anime"s finale.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion End Of Evangelion
Evangelion is weird. The show has both positive và negative sầu critical acclaim, due in part khổng lồ creator Hideaki Anno"s creative choices. Some of these were made because of a low budget, such as the scenes in the show that are just one frame, extended for a long period for dramatic effect. But other moments are simply confusing lớn the average viewer who does not critically analyze the choices made plot-wise.

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One thing that was equally confusing for both fans & critics was the ending of both the show và film, End of Evangelion. Although the film was specifically made khổng lồ over the show, the TV-series" final three episodes tried to tie-up as many loose ends as it could in its own chất lượng way. This means that both serve as an ending, yet both have major differences that are distinct from each other.

Shinji Ikari Ending Neon Genesis Evangelion
One of the most confusing things khổng lồ come out of the Evangelion franchise is the mythology behind the EVA"s, Angels, and what the anime calls First and Second Impact. The anime gave few hints and details that further elaborated, but ultimately didn"t give clarity with what was going on. The last piece of revealing information the show actually was that Rei was a clone và that Lilith was under the N.E.R.V.E. headquarters, leaving fans with several questions with regards to the actual plot of the anime.

Shinji Unit-01 Third Impact End of Evangelion
Because the End of Evangelion was created as an ending for the anime, it was able lớn give fans more details inlớn what was going on with the EVA"s & Angels. It creates Third Impact, which gives fans more explanation behind the mythology and why Angels keep attacking Earth. Sadly, it"s all told via visual storytelling. Rather than directly explaining why things are happening, it simply shows what is happening. This left fans fairly confused since little explanation was given behind the events of the film. But it at the very least ends the story.

Asuka End Of Evangelion
One of the biggest unsolved plots of Neon Genesis Evangelion is the fact that Asuka, a fan-favorite character, was left practically bed-ridden after the character"s emotional downfall. The anime saw the German EVA pilot thảm bại the ability to lớn pilot her own EVA as the show reached its over. The final two episodes saw her character discuss her usefulness và even gave details behind her emotional turmoil, but it evidently still left her physically comatose by the last episode.

7 MOVIE: Allows Asuka To "Go Down Swingin"

Asuka EVA Unite-02 End Of Evangelion
One of End of Evangelion"s biggest character developments occurs within Asuka"s own psyđậy. After being placed in her EVA, she musters the emotional strength to get out of her depression & re-gains the ability khổng lồ pilot EVA Unit-02 at a moment"s rest.

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She then fights off the Mass Production EVA"s who are now Angels aiding in the development of Third Impact. She sacrifices herself fighting the Mass Produced EVA"s/Angels, giving her character arc a proper closing.

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A major aspect of Neon Genesis Evangelion"s ending is the fact that it takes place entirely inside Shinji"s head after he kills Kaworu, the Fourth Child, who turned out to be the Thirteenth Angel. His death impacted Shinji so dramatically, that he had an entire discussion with himself, as well as different versions of his friends, inside his own head. This, of course, was only revealed lớn have taken place inside Shinji"s head after the premiere of End of Evangelion, when fans realize it all took place inside Shinji"s head.

5 MOVIE: Killed Everyone Off

Part of the story arcs the film, End of Evangelion, wanted to cđại bại, was the arcs of every secondary character in the anime. It did this by literally killing everyone off, in one fell swoop. The film achieved this by simultaneously sacrificing everyone at the same time with the start of Third Impact where Instrumentality occurs. Essentially, everyone"s souls are separated from their bodies, leaving behind a pool of primordial ooze, creating a Sea of LC (the liquid Shinji uses to lớn interface with Unit-01).

Killing off Kaworu re-kindled Shinji"s self-doubt, a character flaw that ultimately held him back from being a better person throughout the show. The final two episodes of the anime essentially elaborate on Shinji"s self-doubt & have hyên arguing with himself & his own interpretation of what his friends would say to hlặng. This was designed this way because series director Hideaki Anno had a low budget và had lớn create an ending that, in one way or another, gave sầu Shinji some closure.

3 MOVIE: Gave Shinji The Power nguồn To Control His Own Fate

The climax to End of Evangelion was told visually, which meant that no actual explanation was given (or properly elaborated on) as to lớn what was going in. But to lớn sum it up, Shinji was given the choice to decide, once & for all, whether humanity should be saved or not.

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This is major character development for Shinji, who throughout the anime, complained about not having any choice in any of the decisions involving hlặng, from piloting the EVA khổng lồ being the Second Child.

Something that was relatively unexpected from the final two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion was a scene about Shinji"s thoughts on what normal life might look lượt thích if he were to have sầu one. During a what-if moment, fans are given a look at a version of Evangelion that is more in tune with slice-of-life anime than Mecha/Sci-fi. A version of Evangelion where Shiji and Asuka are school best friends, Rei is a new student who has a bump-in with Shinji, và Shinji"s mom is alive. It is one of the most interesting aspects of the anime"s finale.

1 MOVIE: Destroys & Saves The World

While Neon Genesis Evangelion"s ending took place in Shinji"s head, End of Evangelion"s ending is literally impactful. The film ends with Genbởi, Shinji"s father, causing Instrumentality, & creating the Third Impact. In it, the world is literally destroyed, when everyone"s souls are separated from their bodies và merged into lớn a single being. Rei, having become one with Lillith, gives Shinji the option to lớn either merge humanity"s souls inkhổng lồ a single being or give sầu them the options to lớn return to earth and be individuals. Shinji, ultimately, gives people the option lớn chooses for themselves, something one can argue, Shinji didn"t have sầu throughout the series.

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